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  1. As a New Jersean, I really miss them. They may have been losers, but they were Jersey's losers
  2. Too bad its in a damn football stadium and the court is elevated
  3. I am a Giants fan, but if (by some miracle) they move, I would become a Raiders fan because Vegas
  4. The Hornets are too crowded, but the Blazers are fine
  5. I always hate Raiders concepts, but this is an exception
  6. I think just the wordmark and "EST. 2017" would look great
  7. They look nice, but why would the Wild change, if it ain't broke, don't fix it
  8. Although this is an April Fools joke, I would really like lights on unis, it would look super cool
  9. You managed to make such an ugly team look really nice
  10. Just as generic as your other logos
  11. The problem with the red-black is that it looks like a kids team, wearing color on top and dark shorts on the bottom
  12. When I see this logo, I feel a rush of emotions, and none of them are failure
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