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  1. Uniforms look fine, template is much better.
  2. I don’t know how I just now started following this series. Great work overall! Do you have a Butchers sig by any chance?
  3. Looking to start designing some logos, what do you all think is the best program for designing logos or uniforms?
  4. These are great! Seems very unique and I’m looking forward to what’s next.
  5. Liking the color scheme for Hartford. Very promising project, keep up the good work.
  6. Could you please do: Cubs Blackhawks Bucks Bears Wisconsin Badgers
  7. Logos and unis look great, but I'd also switch the cross for DC and change up the font on the back of Tampa's jerseys. It doesn't really match.
  8. I reached out to 2k a week ago and they got back to me just now. They said a cache clear would work, although I don’t think it will, because restarting the console probably wouldn’t do much. If that doesn’t work, they said to send a video of the issue to them. I’ll link you to the website: Cache Clear Video Support
  9. That happens to me too. I thought I made some pretty good alternates but it wouldn’t let me use them.
  10. Also got a full screen Marshall's ad in this thread, I wasn't even able to X out of it.
  11. I got this one too, think it was in the photobucket thread.
  12. I found @-(dp)-'s previously stolen lions logo in this Hilton commercial. It can be found at the 18 second point.
  13. Group A Egypt Saudi Arabia Russia Uruguay Group B Morrocco Iran Portugal Spain Group C Austrlia Denmark France Honduras Group D Argentina Nigeria Iceland Croatia Group E Serbia Switzerland Costa Rica Brazil Group F (Toughest decision to make IMO) Mexico Sweden Germany Korea Group G USA England Panama Tunisia Group H Senegal Poland Colombia Japan Well done everybody!