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  1. I found more NCAA bowl games: New Hawai'i Bowl: New SoFi Hawai'i Bowl: Old Jeep O'ahu Bowl: New Jeep O'ahu Bowl:
  2. The Sportslogos website is missing ALOT of racing logos.
  3. NFL Teams Logos' Arizona Cardinals: Buffalo Bills: Dallas Cowboys: Carolina Panthers: Detroit Lions: Miami Dolphins: San Francisco 49ers: Los Angeles Rams: Oakland/Las Vegas? Raiders: Minnesota Vikings: Houston Texans: Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
  4. I like your ideas. (New York Rescue, Tampa Bay Tigersharks & Dallas Roughnecks)
  5. My XFL Teams Names: Dallas Wranglers Houston Launch Los Angeles Stars New York Empire St. Louis Stallions Seattle Sockeye Tampa Bay Inferno Washington Justice
  6. Continental Football League Logo: Charleston Rockets: Montreal Beavers: Norfolk Neptunes: Orlando Panthers: Toronto Rifles (With another Charleston Rockets logo): Akron Vulcans: Eugene Bombers: Seattle Rangers: Hartford Charter Oaks: Indianapolis Caps: Chicago Owls: Jersey Jays: Monterrey Golden Aztecs: Ohio Valley Ironmen: Philadelphia Bulldogs: San Antonio Toros: Tri-City Apollos: Victoria Steelers: Las Vegas Cowboys: Omaha Mustangs: I found them on: http://www.logoserver.com/CoFL.html
  7. All-America Football Conference Logo: Buffalo Bills/Bisons: Baltimore Colts: Los Angeles Dons: Cleveland Indians: Brooklyn Dodgers: Miami Seahawks: Chicago Rockets/Hornets: New York Yankees/Bulldogs:
  8. Bivouac's logo looks cool.
  9. More NCAA Bowl logos: Garden State Bowl: Bluebonnet Bowl: California Raisin Bowl: Silicon Valley Football Classic (2002 - 2003): SoFi Hawaii Bowl: Poinsettia Bowl (10 Years / 2014): Poinsettia Bowl (W/ a new SDCCU logo): Galleyfurniture.com Bowl: John Hancock Logo: Blockbuster Bowl: Cherry Bowl: EagleBank Bowl:
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