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  1. I'm biased because I'm a native Nashvillian but I think it's by far the best option for relocation/expansion. It's a growing prosperous city. The strength of a Nashville team isn't just its own market. A team in Nashville draws strongly from Knoxville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Huntsville, Birmingham, Louisville and all places in between. Portland offers nothing like that in terms of secondary markets nor in accessibility to the rest of the country for fans who might be driving through to see a game as part of a road trip. I've never really understood the Portland hype. I don't get a baseball vibe out of Portland at all, maybe Portlandia fooled me.
  2. I actually have a hat like this. It looks good.
  3. I went to a game there three years ago. It really is a wonderful ballpark. I get why the Rangers are getting a new retractable dome though. The weather in DFW is absolutely brutal in the summer and it really hurt an otherwise great viewing experience. The patch is nice.
  4. Phillies fan here. I like the 70-91 look, it is undoubtedly iconic. That look is so defined by its time that I think it'd be a mistake to use them for anything more than a weekly appearance. However if given a choice I much prefer the current uniforms they've been wearing. I think they are also classics and timeless. In fact I'd like to see them go to that looks predecessor and inspiration from the 1960s. I don't mind the 70s look making a once a week appearance. Anything more than that is too much. I do wish they'd wear the home pinstripe jersey with the zipper at home. To me it's the far superior jersey of that era between their home and road uni. It's somewhat bothersome to see the powder blues at home.
  5. As someone who absolutely hated the previous look, I really love this update. The home jersey is beautiful and the Miami nights theme is well thought out.
  6. It's a fairly serious downgrade from the 51's which was an identity that was above average but still had enormous untapped potential. As someone mentioned earlier, something cartoonish would have worked well here. It's Las Vegas, the brand is supposed to be fun and playful. I would have liked a bi-plane with a cartoonish pilot and LV marked somewhere on the logo. The colors are intriguing and pleasing, it doesn't scream Vegas to me and definitely an interesting choice for an Oakland affiliate since this is basically the Astros color scheme.
  7. I didn't think I'd say it but the Titans look has grown on me. Still wish they'd emphasize the columbia blue more but all in all I like the swords and getting rid of the white helmet. The navy-white-navy look is solid.
  8. As a Phillies fan I like the idea of branding the liberty bell more. I'd love to see it as white against a red backdrop.
  9. I'm glad it's finally receiving more usage. It's a nice, unique logo and I like the color of the hat.
  10. The Drifters is another name that would really fit Amarillo well.
  11. I'm shocked armadillos wouldn't be a contestant. It just seemed so natural. I like the Long Haulers the most but what kind of concept could you come up with for that? I'm surprised there is nothing weather related as Amarillo is prone to tornadoes and thunderstorms. The Twisters would have been cool but I realize the Storm Chasers have a monopoly on middle-american weather related themed baseball teams.
  12. I'm not sure if it got any notice here but the Clearwater Threshers have a new alt cap. I really like this and as a Phillies fan will definitely buy one.
  13. This is really the greatest sin of this set. The Titans had an opportunity to emphasize a shade of blue that would have made them unique and instantly recognizable in the NFL and instead they basically copied one of their biggest rivals. I think a columbia helmet, columbia jersey, white pants look would have been so much better.
  14. I couldn't agree more. Monochrome in the NFL should be banned. As a Titans fan with a preference for the light blue, this is a pretty tough set to take.
  15. The more I look at it, the pants need to be gray/silver and frankly so does the helmet for this concept to work.