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  1. Some decent looking match ups. Chiefs/Raiders always looks good. I'm very partial to this Titans/Ravens game as it's a repeat of last year's glorious playoff game which was probably my favorite Titans game ever. I hope the Seahawks wear navy pants. It's a shame they go monochrome so often when all of their contrasting looks are nice. Bengals/WFT looks surprisingly good together.
  2. Easily the best this year. The Chargers look great and the Dolphins have to return to these beauties.
  3. Perfectly stated as to why the Dolphins abandoning their historic look is such an abomination. All their modern looks are essentially a rejection of their great history for something that's been mediocre at best and often very subpar. I'll give you the Steelers and Niners(if they're wearing the classic stuff). The Cowboys are a brilliantly marketed team but their lack of consistency for the blues and silvers in their uni set knocks them down. I'm sure I'm in the minority but it'd be awesome if they ditched the silver, went navy and white, with the white helmet/navy star, and stars on the shoulders. The Packers and Bears are historic but I'd rate their overall package below Raiders, Steelers, 9ers and a traditional Miami. There's nothing wrong with the Chiefs look or identity but I wouldn't rate it in the category of best of the best.
  4. I loved the old logo. The new one is very meh.
  5. That's simply not possible. It's timelessly beautiful and will look great forever. The late 90's-2000's angry dolphin is the dated logo that clearly had a shelf life just like the current logo will.
  6. It's one of those rare choices with no wrong answer but I totally agree that the silver numerals are better. Perhaps since they play in the 'Silver State' now, they should make that a permanent change.
  7. They're alright but it's nowhere near as good as the originals. It's not even close. That's not an insult to the current set but the throwbacks are the very definition of classic and iconic. In fact it'd be hard to think of an NFL identity/branding as good. The only one on the same level is the Raiders. You're comparing a vague looking arguably toothpaste dolphin to the dolphin in helmet.
  8. It's an absolute crime the Dolphins ever strayed from their 1970's-early 80's look. The logo, the colors, the unis are as iconic as any in the NFL.
  9. It looks terrible and beneath what a professional team should wear. Name a non-white monochrome that looks better than the same top with contrasting trousers. There isn't one.
  10. As a Titans fan this should be their de facto home look. It has great balance with the navy helmet and light blue uni. If the pants were silver it would be a total home run.
  11. Non white monochrome should be banned. There isn't one team that looks good in it. Buffalo looks like a bunch of smurfs out there when they'd look dignified in white pants.
  12. As someone who hates the University of Florida, I have to admit that is a great looking uniform and helmet. Way better than their current set.
  13. The road hat is one of the best I've ever seen. Great design.
  14. I dig it. A gray/silver helmet works well. I'd be curious to see how the navy jersey would look with the gray numerals. The white almost seems too bright and bold compared to the rest of the set. Other than that I think this is a very cohesive set that matches the identity of the Titans well. The road and alternate jerseys are great. The numerals are the font I thought the Titans were going to use in the last redesign.
  15. This is easily one of the best concepts I've ever seen for the Titans. After seeing the Titans with a navy helmet I don't think white fits them.I'd love to see this with a navy or columbia blue helmet. The navy and road jerseys are amazng. Your usage of the flames on the pants is spectacular. The state shield on the hip looks totally natural. It's clean, has some unique features but manages to be understated which fits the Titans well. The current Titans set has grown on me but I think you've developed a foundation for an upgrade.
  16. I like the Falcons traditional look and the more black the better IMO.I don't mind them in a red home jersey, but that should be the most red they have. If you go red jersey, it needs a black helmet. Red helmet/Red Jersey is the only way to really screw this up. It's very doubtful they would do this. Home: Black helmet, Black jersey, dull silver pants, noticeable red accents Road: White jersey, dull silver pants, either red or black numerals are fine here. The Falcons look good in a minimalist black/silver/red combination.
  17. I'm excited to see what they come up with. I feel like they've needed a new look since that Super Bowl.
  18. Titans fan here. Initially I hated the Titans redesign because I wanted a light blue helmet which would have been unique in the league. Of course I also had my own ideas for what the Titans should ideally look like so when the redesign was unveiled I naturally hated it because it didn't resemble anything close to my idea. Having said that, the new look has grown on me. Don't throw tomatoes at me but I kinda like them. It really isn't that bad and some slight polishes would fix them. The only combo I dislike is the Navy/Navy look but all non white monochromes are basically Satan to me. The numerals are way better than their dated old look. I wish they had started this run with the White/Light Blue combo as it looks good. In some ways the White/Navy look perfectly suits their style of play better than their other combos. In my opinion the Titans should ideally have a rather austere look to them anyway. If I had to rank their combinations it'd go 1a/1b. White/Light Blue or Light Blue/White 2. Light Blue/Navy 4. White/Navy 5. Navy/White
  19. Completely agree. Sea Unicorns is totally unnecessary when Narwhals is unique and alliterative. Of course Brandiose just had to have their trademark grimace on the logo with a harpoon bat. They've become so lazy it's crazy. I think it'd be easy to come up with a cool Narwhals logo that didn't fit the Brandiose formula.
  20. I'm late here but I love the branding for the Wichita Wind Surge. Not sure about the name but the home hat with Pegasus is a thing of beauty and the rest of the set looks good. It's nice to have a non brandiose set.
  21. Can't stand this. As much as I loved the Trash Pandas, I hate this as much. Osprey was a fine name and yes the logos have been dated to some extent but it is a very unique and beautiful bird. You could create a very classy and timeless package for Osprey. As someone mentioned, Paddlehead almost sounds like an insult. If they wanted to change to the Moose, that would have been fine too. This is Brandiose gone too far. I wish more minor league teams would partner with a cool outfit like Simon Studios. Their work for the Redbirds and Tarpons was fantastic. It didn't require a ridiculous name and 20 logos.
  22. As a fan I'd love to see the Predators switch to these logos and unis full time. I love the winter classic sweater,shoulder logo and full body logo. Obviously the Preds won't switch to these full time but I hope they keep this winter classic jersey as an alternate. I think these are timeless and will look good forty years from now. I think the current look will be dated in ten to twenty years. Here is how I'd like to see these logos if the Preds somehow did switch full time. Yellow home sweater with the shoulder logo as the main logo on the front. White road sweater- Full body logo on the front.. Winter classic as alternate.
  23. I have a Boll Wievels hat since I'm a huge Phillies fan. What a great identity that was and how sad that it's no longer around.
  24. I guess I'm one of the few who find the Rocket City Trash Pandas to actually be really good as it ties in the NASA angle with an animal that is extremely common to the area. I typically don't like the over the top Brandiose stuff, but the Trash Pandas is actually very well done. The logos and identity are fantastic. I'll buy three caps and a shirt. I think it's an iconic name/identity and it will not only last but flourish. For Wichita. I like the Lineman reference, but it seems odd for baseball. One creative idea I kinda liked was the 'Twisters' thus setting up a natural rivalry with the 'Storm Chasers'. Since it's the Marlins affiliate and Wichita is apparently a big aviation place, the 'Flying Fish' was another suggestion I saw. I think that's pretty good as I like when minor league teams make a subtle connection to the parent squad while creating their own identity. The only issue with that identity is are the Marlins and Wichita going to be together in a decade? The geography doesn't lead one to think it's likely to be a long term partnership and I've got to think Miami would eventually want something in the east and one would think there are other teams that fit Wichita better.
  25. No offense but you're naming local places in Concord, Kannapolis and Rock Hill that are part of greater Charlotte. It's not necessary as it'd be like including Franklin, Murfreesboro and Gallatin for Nashville. That should be simply implied. You are correct though that a Charlotte team also has strong regional potential throughout the Carolinas and it's certainly an underserved market for professional baseball. As for the bold, both cities are on a straight line to Nashville through I -65. Growing up in Nashville, games in Atlanta and Cincy were equidistant and manageable trips, and St. Louis wasn't much further. Even though I wasn't a fan of any of the three teams I went to all three places numerous times growing up. With a 162 game season,there is plenty of time for baseball fans in Birmingham and Louisville to check out a Nashville team even it's not their favorite team. While I agree that transferring loyalty in either city wouldn't happen overnight or possibly never happen en masse, a properly marketed winning Nashville team on the local TV nightly could develop a lot of fans in those markets. I would say Nashville is a more desirable place than either Cincy or Atlanta for a trip. There is more fun nightlife and things to do in Nashville than Cincy, and even though traffic is increasingly bad in Nashville, it's nothing like the logistical nightmare that is Atlanta.