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  1. Have to say as someone who hates the New York Mets, I love them in black. It brings back great memories of their epic 7 game choke with 17 games to play. It's a great reminder that at the end of the day no matter how promising the Mets might appear to be, they're destined to be utter failures.
  2. As a Titans fan, here are my thoughts on their current look/branding. I like the current set over the old set but not by much. The current set is better because of the navy helmet and the numerals are definitely an improvement over the last set. The numerals in the old set killed the entire thing as they didn't match the wordmark at all. After seeing the Titans with a colored helmet, it's hard to see them going back to white. The current set is actually close to being fairly strong but it's totally misused. The navy monochrome isn't a good look but anytime they mix colors, it tends to look good. I actually wouldn't mind if the Titans went with the white top/navy pants for all games. It looked so great in the 2019/2020 playoff run. Here is how I'd fix the Titans. -Emphasize much more of the columbia blue. Helmet should be columbia blue. Columbia blue should be the home jersey with solid navy numerals matching the wordmark, navy pants. -Greek meander pattern. It's a crime this wasn't used in the rebrand given its usage on the team's social media before the redesign. It should be a huge pattern on the sleeves, helmet stripe and pant stripes. - Use absolutely no white with the excpetion of the actual road jersey.
  3. Agreed. In fact, the football has enough space to where 'Monsters of the Midway' could be placed on there and it'd look great on the backs of sideline jackets and t-shirts.
  4. Speaking of full-body logos, the Chicago Bears need to bring this back in their branding. Cool logo. The football needs to be smaller but otherwise it's great.
  5. I just looked at a photo of a jaguar on google search and it had the packing peanuts on its head. The 90's Jaguar looks way better than the newer version. It's not even close. It's like comparing the original Miami Dolphin logo to either of the recent updates.
  6. You couldn't be more correct in how the Titans should be branded. Ancient Greece and ancient warfare should be the inspiration . They should have gone with a heavy dose of meandros patterns with their new look. It's powerful and would instantly be attributed to the Titans. The stripe on the helmet, sleeves, pants should have been based on that. It'd look amazing with the two tone blue. My vision for the rebranded home jerse is a light blue helmet,(dark gray facemask) navy blue home jersey with solid light blue numerals with the Titans word-mark font, light blue meandros pattern on sleeves. light blue pants with navy blue meandros pattern on the side. Alt Jersey simply flips the blues. Away- Basically the inverse of the home: white jersey, navy numerals trimmed with light blue, navy pants with light blue meandros pattern on the sides. I wish I had a program to mock this up.
  7. I don't get the harsh criticism of this logo and I'm a Titans fan who would love to hate the Jaguars if they were actually worth hating. This is a great logo because it's not too simple yet not overly garish/overproduced either as many modern logos are. This looked good in 90s, it looks good now and will look good 30 years from now.
  8. Some decent looking match ups. Chiefs/Raiders always looks good. I'm very partial to this Titans/Ravens game as it's a repeat of last year's glorious playoff game which was probably my favorite Titans game ever. I hope the Seahawks wear navy pants. It's a shame they go monochrome so often when all of their contrasting looks are nice. Bengals/WFT looks surprisingly good together.
  9. Easily the best this year. The Chargers look great and the Dolphins have to return to these beauties.
  10. Perfectly stated as to why the Dolphins abandoning their historic look is such an abomination. All their modern looks are essentially a rejection of their great history for something that's been mediocre at best and often very subpar. I'll give you the Steelers and Niners(if they're wearing the classic stuff). The Cowboys are a brilliantly marketed team but their lack of consistency for the blues and silvers in their uni set knocks them down. I'm sure I'm in the minority but it'd be awesome if they ditched the silver, went navy and white, with the white helmet/navy star, and stars on the shoulders. The Packers and Bears are historic but I'd rate their overall package below Raiders, Steelers, 9ers and a traditional Miami. There's nothing wrong with the Chiefs look or identity but I wouldn't rate it in the category of best of the best.
  11. I loved the old logo. The new one is very meh.
  12. That's simply not possible. It's timelessly beautiful and will look great forever. The late 90's-2000's angry dolphin is the dated logo that clearly had a shelf life just like the current logo will.
  13. It's one of those rare choices with no wrong answer but I totally agree that the silver numerals are better. Perhaps since they play in the 'Silver State' now, they should make that a permanent change.
  14. They're alright but it's nowhere near as good as the originals. It's not even close. That's not an insult to the current set but the throwbacks are the very definition of classic and iconic. In fact it'd be hard to think of an NFL identity/branding as good. The only one on the same level is the Raiders. You're comparing a vague looking arguably toothpaste dolphin to the dolphin in helmet.
  15. It's an absolute crime the Dolphins ever strayed from their 1970's-early 80's look. The logo, the colors, the unis are as iconic as any in the NFL.
  16. It looks terrible and beneath what a professional team should wear. Name a non-white monochrome that looks better than the same top with contrasting trousers. There isn't one.
  17. As a Titans fan this should be their de facto home look. It has great balance with the navy helmet and light blue uni. If the pants were silver it would be a total home run.
  18. Non white monochrome should be banned. There isn't one team that looks good in it. Buffalo looks like a bunch of smurfs out there when they'd look dignified in white pants.
  19. As someone who hates the University of Florida, I have to admit that is a great looking uniform and helmet. Way better than their current set.
  20. I dig it. A gray/silver helmet works well. I'd be curious to see how the navy jersey would look with the gray numerals. The white almost seems too bright and bold compared to the rest of the set. Other than that I think this is a very cohesive set that matches the identity of the Titans well. The road and alternate jerseys are great. The numerals are the font I thought the Titans were going to use in the last redesign.
  21. This is easily one of the best concepts I've ever seen for the Titans. After seeing the Titans with a navy helmet I don't think white fits them.I'd love to see this with a navy or columbia blue helmet. The navy and road jerseys are amazng. Your usage of the flames on the pants is spectacular. The state shield on the hip looks totally natural. It's clean, has some unique features but manages to be understated which fits the Titans well. The current Titans set has grown on me but I think you've developed a foundation for an upgrade.
  22. I like the Falcons traditional look and the more black the better IMO.I don't mind them in a red home jersey, but that should be the most red they have. If you go red jersey, it needs a black helmet. Red helmet/Red Jersey is the only way to really screw this up. It's very doubtful they would do this. Home: Black helmet, Black jersey, dull silver pants, noticeable red accents Road: White jersey, dull silver pants, either red or black numerals are fine here. The Falcons look good in a minimalist black/silver/red combination.
  23. I'm excited to see what they come up with. I feel like they've needed a new look since that Super Bowl.
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