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  1. Hello, This is the first time I've ever done a concept. It is rough, but i hope you guys like it. So, the MLB wants Cleveland to get rid of Chief Wahoo. Their current logo is boring, plain, and doesn't say "Indians" Here are the logos and uniforms! Hope you enjoy! This is their current "C" logo with some feathers attatched This is and old "Indians" on their current jerseys with the block C and a new hat. Current Away jersey with new C, and hat
  2. I agree with this for the most part, I think Ottawa should use the updated post edge alternate based on the original, Pens, Leafs, Bruins, Blues, Panthers, Tampa, Sabres, Kings and Canucks are fine in what they are wearing. New York (both), Montreal, Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, Calgary and Philly are the same, but I wouldn't be against the Caps going with the throwback alts full time.
  3. I got a Pro Player Dallas Stars "Star" white jersey for $6 at Goodwill.