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  1. I don't comment here a lot, but... For OKC, what if you turn the lightning (bottom of the T) around and somehow work it into the shape of the crest? Something about the lightning going the opposite way of the the crest looks off to me. Not saying the lightning going off to the left couldn't be used in other logo or design elements, it's pretty common for sports teams to use design elements that are mirrored from the primary logo.
  2. I absolutely HATE the mono black for the Saints. The gold pants with either jersey is one of the best looks in the league, obviously I'm a little biased.
  3. I saw the new logo on a new Altima in traffic. Looked decent. Makes the grille look cleaner.
  4. As a Saints fan, I love the white away with black numbers. The gold alternate weirds me out for some reason. Really great set tho, very clean. Who Dat!
  5. I don't normally comment on these boards, I usually just like to watch (heh)... I play Madden 20 online from time to time, and I've noticed a Ravens uniform that I've never seen before. It's during one of the loading screen waiting for a game to start. It features a Ravens player, current I assume, wearing what appears to be a Ravens home jersey at first glance. The difference being that the numbers look like a mix between their current font and varsity don't. There's also no black shadow. Just white numbers with a gold outline. Also, the shade of purple seems brighter. It reminds of the change in shade that the Rockies made a few years ago, a much more vivid purple. I actually think it looks great and would be a great update for them. Has anyone else on this forum ever caught this? The only thing I think it could be is that he's a recently signed player with no "action" photos in a Baltimore uni and it was just a quick photoshop job. If I ever see it again and can act quick enough, I'll definitely try to snap a picture and post it here.
  6. So umm...how do you add images? I couldn't figure it out either.
  7. Took me a minute to realize the bottom is supposed to look like heavy seas (waves). I think they should definitely try to incorporate some kind of nautical element more obviously. That being said, I do like it. Massive upgrade imo.
  8. It would be a million times better if they just spelled out the word "mountain". I've hated the "mtn" since its inception.
  9. ^^This is effing gorgeous. I'm hoping that's navy and not black. I think maybe it could use some minimal red. I do think, however, that the Titans should ditch the helmet stripes altogether. Especially with a look like this, they just aren't necessary.
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