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  1. I might be a minority but I like the design over the regulars. Should’ve just used the chevron for the home and roads- adds something to a boring look and makes more sense with the whole north thing.
  2. This might be a stretch but that new Capss logo is similar to their WC 2015 crest. A modernization of it almost- what if they’re testing out a future primary?
  3. As a resident here I know one thing- it will be the Metropolitans and there is no way it’s not.
  4. I might be a minority but I prefer those over their WC sweater in Philly.
  5. If they’re lighter fabrics and materials, why are these more expensive?
  6. The one thing I get from this is th Tbirds need a third jersey.
  7. Where? Not on Real Sports shop
  8. Sabres in white, while on the road, and they’re the home team.
  9. I like the new Leafs sweaters- they combine eras really well and look great on ice. Hopefully these stay for another forty or fifty years.
  10. Sens and Ducks make the switch next season so they probably won't have thirds.
  11. I don't like making orange the home, but I am really liking navy for the Oilers- good progression. Makes me want to see the Canucks go navy.
  12. After seeing how Nike what Nike has and will do with Classic jerseys, I would love to see a similar program with the NHL where they bring a throwback for a game or two along with the third jersey.
  13. New Oilers jerseys a good blend of multiple eras.
  14. Watching the game too and it almost looks like the hem stripe is thicker on the adidas sweaters.
  15. After seeing what Adidas and Fanatics have done to the market, I am really glad I got a Reebok replica last season.
  16. Man missed oppostunity. Would've snatched up a throwback in a second.
  17. Are the Blazers unveiling a classic jersey?
  18. Can someone explain the purpose of the tree on the new GSW alts?
  19. Do you guys think there is a legitimate chance the Jets go to the Heritage Classic set full-time? I know ownership is focused on building their own brand as the Jets 2.0, but obviously nostalgia is really popular among fans, and we've seen vintage sets become primary looks before.
  20. Leafs also put their Fanatics Replicas on sale.
  21. What if Trevor Linden, as President of the team, changes the logo? I think he might follow suit (being an alum in the front office of his former team) of Joe Sakic and bring back the look his time and the team's former glory days by bringing back the skate logo and jerseys. This might be a stretch, but I don't think any of us really thought Colorado would bring back the cup-winning set, so perhaps Linden does the same during this rebuild. I've seen polls from fans and the winning look the majority of the time is the '94 cup run sweaters.
  22. I get the Sens wanting to create a brand outside of the past by tapping into the Roman theme, but one thing bugs me: This is a Roman Centurion. This is a Roman Senator. This is their logo.
  23. Probably reading too much into this but to me there seems to be a connection between there being 'significant changes' for the Nuggets and Paul Millsap being introduced in the throwback jerseys.