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  1. Gurantee you at one point the NJ Devils ownership contemplated this being a new logo for the team before they decided on their Adidas look.
  2. Kinda weird the silver is still there, but the Blazers once again quietly have one of the top 5 looks in the Association.
  3. Another look at the teaser, hoping to God they just go back to the Drexler look.
  4. That's literally how I was taught to write "B" in preschool.
  5. Its just the way the jersey is displayed.
  6. More teams need to do this.
  7. How does that relate to the shoulder yokes?
  8. Blades going vintage full time?
  9. Praying to God the Leafs add a shoulder yoke.
  10. At least the Hawks somewhat resemble their Edge collars; better than the half-white half-blue bullcrap Adidas put on the Leafs.
  11. Once again the Hawks are the only franchise who know how to make a good looking sweater.
  12. It will be based off these, and then they return to last year's jerseys next season.
  13. 15th Anniversary Jersey, based off the fauxbacks
  14. Is there a thin beige line above the chest stripe?
  15. @hendocfc does minnesota use these stripes in the picture for a chest stripe, or something else?
  16. If the jersey turns out something like this after edits from that possible prototype, I could get used to it. I'm not saying it's better than the throwback being promoted, but at least it's just the Gretzky-era inverted.
  17. If that's the fanatics replica, then that's an even worse sign.
  18. I may be the minority here, but I'm okay with the Oilers blending 'eras' by making jersey orange and using the tri-stripe design. Just fix the collar and this would a somewhat decent uniform for the McDavid era.
  19. But the second color shows up on the front of the jersey for Sweden. This collar is all-white on the front.
  20. The collars don't match-up with teaser and this leak.
  21. That looks pretty similar to the Hamilton Bulldogs white sweater. If this is the design I would be more than ok with it.
  22. I think that's what the Maple Leafs are doing by changing the hemstripe- taking elements from the past and combining them to create a new modern brand for a new era.
  23. I was really excited for this game and now I probably won't watch.