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  1. I really hope it isn't one solid stripe, but if it is it doesn't look too bad.
  2. So teams can't have custom name and number fonts?
  3. I agree, the Canucks have changed looks and identities so many times that it's kind of refreshing to see them stick to a look. Just add green to the logo, and maybe simplify/modernize it a little, and you have a brand the Canucks can stick with.
  4. I have a strong feeling that with all the losing, Sakic makes the move and brings back the Cup-winners to re-energize the look and distract the fans from all the losing ahead with a classic jersey.
  5. Likin Colorado keeping the logo. I might be the only one, but I actually like the pattern inside the Knights logo. As long as it doesn't become a regular thing for all teams, like some weird Adidas thing, then I'll be fine. It's subtle enough where it isn't a problem, and it kind of complements the logo.
  6. They're probably just taking the hem stripe from the green jersey and moving it to the chest.
  7. If the Avs did something like this, where the design is scaled back, it would be a top-10 look. Great work! Are you doing all teams, or just the hotly debated teams?
  8. Good point. Love the Rangers though.
  9. Sabres stripes too similar to Leafs.
  10. Ever since we saw (as a M's fan) our expansion cousins Toronto Blue Jays modernize their original look so well, I have been begging that the M's do the same. Now the way I'm picking and choosing may not happen, but I want to see us retain the NW green and navy, since that color scheme IS the Mariners. But I want to see a return to the trident, modernized the way the Jays did with their logo, and modernize the word marks, replacing yellow and blue with NW green and navy, almost mixing eras. I feel if that happened, then they would have a top-10 look in MLB. Maybe-hopefully- there is some steam for this since the new Spring Training caps have been so popular. Nearly every fan has bought one.
  11. Wait what about the Caps? They aren't listed on the 12 teams, and they use what looks like a Reebok Edge specific design. Are they going to keep it?
  12. Keep the collar, that's the best part.
  13. So I'm watching the Cup Final, and obviously the first thing you notice is the gold brand and marketing in Nashville. With Nashville, and Pitssburgh returning to gold- bear with me- maybe Boston is trying to capitalize on this by making a yellow road jersey, since they were one of the original teams to use gold. The more I think about it, seems like a stretch. But possibility?
  14. What's so sad is that those minor tweaks is all it would take to make a good looking sweater. Kings can't go a little farther to look good.
  15. That Sharks home is a beaut, I know this isn't part of the theme, but I would love to see the road version.
  16. There's no way they have Reebok make that just for a fake leak. Probably gonna be the third jersey in a year or two.
  17. Did Winnipeg use this as inspiration for their logo?
  18. If it means anything this logo has all the silver removed. I could see them just going full navy and gold.
  19. So this is kind of off-topic, but I wasn't sure where else to ask: what is the site where you send your jersey and they apply the custom twill name and numbers? I already bought a Maple Leafs jersey awhile ago, but now I want a name on the back.
  20. I feel like that the Oilers move to navy was a complete cash grab. During the playoffs at least 90% of the arena were in the third jerseys.
  21. If that's the shade of navy they'll use (on the right) I would be ok with that.