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  1. Maybe a lighter navy and I'd be down.
  2. I have a feeling that Sakic will bring back the Cup-winning jerseys.
  3. I know this won't happen but I really hope the Leafs add a blue shoulder yoke to the away sweater. Biggest dissapointment for me from the new sweaters.
  4. NJ Devils 'minor' changes could simply be a shoulder yoke change.
  5. At least a few teams were smart and took this opportunity.
  6. Isn't the latest report they go orange full-time in 18-19?
  7. I'd like to see an early 00's throwback night and the jersey wordmark is 'Jail Blazers'.
  8. So the pinwheel is just covering up the ad, not actually being used as the letter 'p'.
  9. My one issue is that the wordmark takes up so much of this logo, making the pinwheel look tiny. Shrink down the 'PORTLAND' and bring more focus to the pinwheel.
  10. I read the rest of the article: They talk about the rumor is that the rest of the caps follow the pattern of stripes on the side of the cap. Major disappointment if those are the jersey stripes.
  11. Sounds like Adidas.
  12. I really hope to God not. Just return to the Drexler era uniforms, simple red black and white. No need for anything else color or design-wise.
  13. Rip City script font should've been the wordmark, hopefully takes a more prominent role. Pinwheel itself is a good modernization and great new logo.
  14. Toronto206

    NWHL Concepts

    Pittsburgh doesn't seem to work; it isn't displayed. Other than that I love this, especially the Beauts.
  15. Not a huge fan, especially the colors. The colors don't mesh well, and the beveling seems uneccessary.
  16. Wheat numbers and it's perfect.
  17. If the Caps go retro, use the current logo, which is a progression of the original. Don't regress by using the old one.
  18. If the Flames don't go back to the originals, I really hope they do something similar if the not the same as the '04 Cup run sweaters. I've always been pro removing-black, but after seeing those more closely the '04 sweaters are just as good if not better.
  19. I've grown up with the T-Birds. I love the name and the now classic crest here. Would love to see the crest on a green jersey- keeping a similar color scheme, blue and green, but green more emphasized to differentiate them from the Canucks.
  20. What a great series so far. Really living up to the anticipation hype.
  21. That would make for a pretty ugly hockey sweater.
  22. I just remember seeing it a few days ago, but you're right.