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  1. Another 1993 Bucks one against Atlanta
  2. Suns at Bucks December 6, 1992 starting at 3:40
  3. Suns at Bucks December 6, 1992 starting at 3:40
  4. Since 2002 so in the life of a high school senior or college freshman the Royals have actually won more World Series games than the Yankees, 7 to 6
  5. Looks like we can add Julian Eddleman in the new Patriots uniform
  6. Yao Ming played only his rookie year at the Simmit/Compaq Center While the same stadium, Ozzie Smith played only his final year at Busch Stadium with a grass field
  7. I think of how the NBA had very little parity as only five teams that decade made it to the Finals Lakers, Celtics, Sixers, Pistons and Rockets
  8. Looking back, to make the whole Browns Ravens thing transition more cleanly they should have put the 1995 Browns players under contract for 1996 up in a dispersal draft, given the Ravens an expansion draft, number one pick, etc and brought the Browns back in 1999 as they did
  9. For the Knicks Walt Frazier, Bill Bradley and Phil Jackson played their rookie years at the old Madison Square Garden
  10. A few more late season call ups like Dawson, Thomas and Hrbek in the last year of a stadium were Lance Berkman with the 1999 Astros in the Astrodome, Mike Mussina with the 1991 Orioles at Memorial Stadium and Chase Utley with the 2003 Phillies at Veterans Stadium. Along the lines of not feeling as right Darrell Green actually played six seasons at Fed Ex yet I think of him mainly as an RFK guy and similar to Brady only starting 8 games at Foxboro Stadium but having the memorable playoff moment there, Roberto Clemente only played his last three years at Three Rivers but had the memorable 1971 World Series and got his 3000th and final hit there
  11. Along the line of the 1990s Bulls the last year of Chicago Stadium had from the second three peat Toni Kukoc, Steve Kerr, Bill Wennington and for the second half Luc Longley and the first United Center season in addition to Armstrong also had Will Perdue and Scott Williams
  12. For the Spurs probably Tony Parker playing his rookie year at The Alamodome and David Robinson playing his last year at AT&T Center A few more in baseball Manny Ramirez and Jim Thome playing at Municipal Stadium and Andre Dawson and Gary Carter playing at Parc Jarry
  13. I was thinking what are some instances similar to the right team wrong uniform version what were some examples of a guy on the right team but not in the home venue associated with him. In this I'm not talking about stuff like Yankees at Shea, Bears in Chapaign and other stuff but where they played in that venue either briefly at the very start or before being established or winding down. A couple from Chicago I can think of are Frank Thomas playing the last two months of the 1990 season at old Comiskey and Denis Savard playing at the United Center. In baseball a couple I can think of are Kent Herbek playing at Metropalitan Stadium and Barry Larkin at Great American Ballpark.
  14. In Titans and Ravens playoff games the road team is now 4-0 the Titans previous playoff win in Baltimore in 2003 and the Ravens winning in Tennesee in 2000 and 2008
  15. Something I just thought realized for a kind of coaching circle of life, Chuck Noll in his first year coached against Lombardi who was in his last year coaching and in his last year coached against Belichick who was in his first year as a head coach
  16. Quite a few guys on the 1994 Patriots as they were the Pat Patriot throwbacks a couple games only two years after last wearing it as a regular uniform
  17. The Colts in 1995 had a short lived white Jersey blue pants, this and the Jets game the only times they have worn the whites at home in Indy
  18. The Giants had a one off full season white at home like the Chiefs in 1980 as well as the home opener against Arizona in 2000. Another one was the Packers in 1989 decided to wear their white uniforms at home for their first two home games
  19. Dallas Green managed in eight seasons yet only one was for a full 162 game season, three were shortened due to labor issues, twice he was hired in season and twice he was fired in season Craig Counsell was on both 90s expansion teams that won the World Series the quickest the fifth year 1997 Marlins and 2001 fourth year Diamondbacks both of which were won on the last at bat in game seven and both overcoming a ninth run deficit and in 1997 he scored the winning run and was on base when the winning run scored in 2001.
  20. A few other short stints I can't really consider wrong, Jack Morris with the 1991 Twins pitching that epic game seven and Bill Walton only playing one season and 10 games as a Celtic.
  21. For the NBA the Bulls have had basically the same regular home and road uniforms since 1985
  22. They had plans for the United League during the 1994 strike but never happened.
  23. Another would be the Celtics putting the signature of Red Aeurbach after his death.
  24. I wonder how differently things may have been had Bob Kraft promoted Belichick in 1997 after Parcells left. He said that as much as he got to like Belichick he couldn't bring himself to hire him because of his ties to Parcells and went with Pete Carroll instead. I think it is possible they may have had a similar downward trajectory with him being fired after three or four years as in addition to not having Brady he probably needed a few more years to learn from his prior mistakes in Cleveland and who knows if he ever gets a third shot
  25. One bit of irony Bill Belichick got his first career win both regular season and post season against the Patriots.
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