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  1. Can You do a super bowl field with the 100th anniversary logo with a past design ? I hope that now the NFL takes notice that their are fans that do care about the look of the field for the super bowl and hopefully from this the NFL hire ups are getting feedback and will change their creative look for events especially the Super Bowl.
  2. At least the paint didn’t wash out during the game like it did in Houston. That might be the only good thing about this field. https://totallycoolpix.com/images/tcp_images/2623/2017-02-06t043755z_775931743_ht1ed260curbh_rtrmadp_3_nfl-superbowl__tcp_gallery_image.jpg
  3. The NFL just sucks ass anymore in the way they make logos and designs their Super Bowl Fields . No wonder they keep losing ratings. Thank You Roger Goodell for the most pathetic super bowl field and endzones since Super Bowl 45. MLB and the NHL actually tries to be create and artistic with the Logos for their biggest events and Games.
  4. I think the Vikings field number font makes the field unique for the first time in a long time on recent super bowl fields. <MOD EDIT>
  5. Can you do the old field from three rivers stadium with the Steelers helments in the end zones like the Steelers used to do at Three rivers with the current design at Heniz Field or is it very hard. ? http://fields.gridiron-uniforms.com/images/playoffs/1995/r1024/PIT_1995^conf.png
  6. Hey long time I have been on here. Can you do the helments the Steelers had in the end zones at Three rivers stadium for the current playoff fields or the past used at Heniz Field ? Thanks
  7. I wish the NFL design team would see that their are people who care about field designs. I hope someone from their would see this and make this happen somehow.
  8. I dont understand why the NFL don't like to panit helmets at all anymore those look good even with the old style facemask. They used old style even when it wasn't used for a long time until 1994 95 season. Then the NFL went to the more modern style and moved them to the 30 yard line in the 1997 super bowl in San Diego to 2003 in San Diego. Can you do this year that style as well ? Those were good field designs as well. Like this one in 1999. I'm a steeler fan as well but the Steelers didn't make it to this style in the 1997-2003 field era. Thanks
  9. Can you still do your classic helmets designs in the end zones ? I hope they bring back the conference logos though. Can u do it that style as well thanks ?
  10. The future of super bowl field and there blandness
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