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  1. Where exactly is Boise playing. Is it in Boise proper or somewhere else in the Magic Valley?
  2. Current Teams are: WEST CONFERENCE FRONTIER DIVISION Albuquerque, NM Bismarck, ND Grand Island, NE Loveland, CO Phoenix, AZ Salt Lake City, UT Sioux Falls, SD Spokane, WA TEXAS DIVISON Allen, TX Amarillo, TX Austin, TX Belton, TX Corpus Christi, TX Mesquite, TX Monterrey, Mexico Wichita Falls, TX MIDWEST DIVISION Cedar Rapids, IA Des Moines, IA Green Bay, WI Independance, MO Muskegon, MI Salina, KS Sioux City, IA Ralston, NE St. Charles, MO EAST CONFERENCE NORTHEAST DIVISION Allentown, PA Baltimore, MD Cleveland, OH Dayton, OH Philadelphia, PA Richmond, VA Washington DC SOUTHEAST DIVISION Albany, GA Columbiana, AL Columbus, GA Estero, FL Gonzales, LA Jacksonville, FL Savannah, GA Tampa Bay, FL CAROLINAS DIVISION Anderson, SC Boone, NC Charleston, SC Conyers,GA Fayetteville, NC Greenville, SC Myrtle Beach, SC Raleigh, NC
  3. Year is 2020. With the fall of the AFL (Arena Football League) and the popularity of small competing league. I was thinking of what it would look like to completely consolidate every arena football league into one super league. Hence the American Indoor Football League comes to life. All teams would play in the main league for year one but afterwards, teams would be put in a relegation system. Once the two tiers are made in year two, the top five times from Tier 2 would move up to Tier 1 and the worst five teams in Tier 1 would move to Tier 2. Every team will stay in what city they are currently in with possible room for relocation and/or expansion, But team logos, colors and identities will change. I need your guys help! You CAN start a team (become the gm), find a location, design the uniforms and logos. 1. Tell me what team will be your choosing, location to play and design a winner.
  4. Would you ever dip into the FCS ranks at all? Maybe redo Idaho's atrocities of uniforms?
  5. Looks great. Would you keep it mostly California and Nevada or would you consider jumping up north and adding maybe colleges in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, etc..?