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  1. I point you in the direction of the 1994 world cup... those uniforms were out there.
  2. Group A 1. Saudi Arabia 2. Egypt 3. Russia 4. Uruguay Group B 1. Morocco 2. Spain 3. Portugal 4. Iran Group C 1. France 2. Australia 3. Honduras 4. Denmark Group D 1. Argentina 2. Nigeria 3. Croatia 4. Iceland Group E 1. Switzerland 2. Brazil 3. Costa Rica 4. Serbia Group F 1. Mexico 2. Sweden 3. Korea 4. Germany Group G 1. England 2. United States 3. Panama 4. Tunisia (the kits are nice and the hot pink was a cool aspect but I just can’t see it making its way to a world cup pitch) Group H 1. Senegal 2. Columbia 3. Poland 4. Japan
  3. I like Fsu but back in the day there "FS" interlocked logo was maroon and yellow so that would be better IMO. Miami is great though.
  4. For Washington each uniform is kind of separated and only uses one color. I think that you should include a little more red in the set as a secondary color. As for Atlanta I think the teal would work more with the cream and the maroon with the gray.
  5. FACTR27

    ACC Soccer Kits

    For Miami, the sash is always used on their football uniform on the sleeve. Thanks adidas!!!!!
  6. Because I live in Clearwater and I'm surprised St. Pete doesn't have a team over us
  7. Where is gulf coast athletic gonna be, because if it's in pinellas county they should have a derby with clearwater
  8. Looks pretty good but the word mark looks clustered at the top
  9. I dont know if they would go yellow and light blue but it is a concept and looks great