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  1. Seriously, the NFL and Nike didn't really think this out well. They'll either have to introduce 2 Color Rush unis per team ("clash kit" I guess), or put out the Thursday night matchups well before the NFL schedule is even announced. With a bit of forethought, they could have avoided this mess. They could have learned from past history too...like the NFL mandating that one team wear a white jersey way back in 1957. Clearly they understood then that it was too hard to tell teams apart on the ol' black-and-white tellies. OTOH, the NFL could just say "to heck with your color-blindness" and have the teams wear their colored uniforms. They could just say "hey, we're sorry about your disability but we have jerseys to sell."
  2. No mention of BYU's horrid 1999 unis?
  3. Aye. That's what every team that has shoehorned black into their color schemes (Detroit, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Arizona) have done. I'll go out on a limb and predict that the next teams to force black into their scheme will be: Washington, Tampa Bay, NY Jets, or Indianapolis.
  4. Is there a football helmet template anywhere that I could use to play around with facemask colors?
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