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  1. Seriously, the NFL and Nike didn't really think this out well. They'll either have to introduce 2 Color Rush unis per team ("clash kit" I guess), or put out the Thursday night matchups well before the NFL schedule is even announced. With a bit of forethought, they could have avoided this mess. They could have learned from past history the NFL mandating that one team wear a white jersey way back in 1957. Clearly they understood then that it was too hard to tell teams apart on the ol' black-and-white tellies. OTOH, the NFL could just say "to heck with your color-blindness" and have the teams wear their colored uniforms. They could just say "hey, we're sorry about your disability but we have jerseys to sell."
  2. No mention of BYU's horrid 1999 unis?
  3. The ensuing riot is inevitable. That sounds absolutely hideous for a team with a rich traditional background like the Browns. You mean like not winning an NFL title since 1964?
  4. I believe that was the first game in NFL history in which a team wearing brown pants played a team wearing black pants. Wow. Anyway, I wish some teams would see the light and bring back certain uniform the Browns' orange pants, the Rams' gold pants, or just general sanity in the case of the Jaguars. I still can't believe the NFL approved that two-tone helmet, which doesn't even look as good as most college teams which have done the same thing. It looks like the equipment manager just grabbed a can of matte black spray paint and went to work. Wonder if the Rams will bring back their awesome 70s-90s uniforms if they move back to LA?
  5. Can't seem to find any good pics, but it seemed like some Bears players last night wore pants with a slightly different striping pattern...thin blue stripes between the orange and white center stripe.
  6. Hate to disagree, but I don't understand why so many folks think the Browns' uniform is sacrosanct and can't be changed because of tradition. But what tradition is that? They haven't won a championship since 1964, and their glory days were mostly in the 1950s. Tradition is for teams that have had success in their current uniforms, making them iconic: Steelers, Packers, Cowboys, Raiders, Bears, 49ers, Giants. Although I can assure folks that if the Steelers hadn't won four Supeb Owls in the 1970s, they would have changed their look long ago. Teams that have made drastic changes (Falcons, Buccaneers, Patriots, Jaguars, Titans/Oilers) didn't have much success wearing their previous uniforms. The Browns can always wear their classic unis as throwbacks, anyway. Personally, if they kept the current helmet/colors, the only thing they would need to do is bring back the orange pants, IMO.
  7. That's actually really good, barring the hornet 'thingy' on the shoulder. The stripes on the sleeve are the chevrons of an infantry sergeant in the Union Army, although if they wanted to make it more accurate the sleeves should be a darker blue while the chevrons are light blue: And for more info, check out the page the above image is from:
  8. Same here. Viewers should always know who the home team is without having to look for logos painted on the field to figure it out. Besides, home teams wearing white only win about 51% of their games, so it's not an advantage at all. It may have made sense back in 1964 when the NFL started allowing teams to wear white at home. Most of the country didn't have color TV then, and rarely were able to see road games their team played on TV either. But with the massive increase in sports coverage, the concept of "wearing white at home so our fans can see something other than our dark jerseys vs. a white jersey" is no longer valid. What REALLY steams me up when teams that play in a DOME wear white at home. Yes, I'm talking to you, Saints and Texans. What possible advantage can there be when it's 73 degrees inside?? As far as wearing white at home in hot hasn't really helped the Dolphins, Buccs, or Jaguars turn into juggernauts, has it? A possible compromise would be wearing alts at home in hot weather, if they're a lighter color. Although I don't think I could stomach the Steelers breaking out a yellow alt jersey...
  9. Anyone know why the Chefs chose to go with the white pants for the first time this season? They should have worn the red pants...oddly they are 2-0 in their red pants in the playoffs, with the last win coming in the 1969 AFL Championship Game against the Raiders.
  10. The Jags just changed in 2009, yet were allowed to do so again before the 5 year limit, so this NFL rule must not be set in stone. Wish the Jags would just pick one color for the helmet and stay that way. Black wouldn't be bad, but gold (and add gold pants) would look pretty good. There's enough teal in the uni to distinguish them from the Saints. Anyone want to do a mockup of what that would look like...or a teal helmet with teal pants? At least that would be instantly identifiable.
  11. Hell has officially frozen over, because the Cowboys have NEVER worn their blue jerseys (non-throwback or double star) at home since they adopted the silver and blue uniforms in 1964. That was also the year that the NFL started allowing teams to choose to wear white at home or not...from 1960-63 the Cowboys wore their blue jerseys at home with the white helmet and pants.
  13. Maybe now that Bud Adams has been planted in the ground there is hope that we will see the columbia blue-over-white combo.
  14. Maybe because the players/coaches are starting to realize it for the scam that it is?