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  1. I would just love to know who at the NFL offices decided to make Super Bowl fields' end zones asymmetrical or unbalanced by removing the conference logos and the fields BLAH with just plain white numbers.
  2. Still don't like this 1 logo offset look. Could it have been the Patriots' fault back in SB49 with their wordmark/logo combo? Could it be Madden's influence with all these televised tournaments and not wanting the end zones to show the N or the A when 2 teams from the same conference play? I've been puzzled by this since SB 50 when it all started.
  3. It still all looks out of balance though. I miss the "dualing helmets" of days gone by.
  4. It must be my OCD but I just do not like the lack of symmetry in the end zones the past 2 years. The wordmark should be centered and flanked either by "dueling" team logos or the team logo and conference logo.