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  1. They should just use the 2018 uniforms, they were like as generic as possible
  2. what are you talking about, literally the exact same striping template as the original white uniform. Only change is the shoulder patch
  3. Saw the red wings live today, look even worse in person, the red helmet is so distracting. Also wore all red shells which I don't really understand, just made them look even more plain. I wish they gave the logo some silver, like the centennial uniforms, it looked almost out of place. I will say the silver did look darker than when they were unveiled so that's a plus.
  4. They could always go the cfb way and just do a generic number for replica uni's
  5. Where'd you hear this?? Don't get my hopes up hahah According to the Dispatch it sounds like the rumors are false. https://www.dispatch.com/story/sports/mls/columbus-crew/2021/03/02/columbus-crew-unveils-new-primary-uniform-2021-mls-season/6876297002/
  6. This also might be a stretch but idk if those are the exact socks they'll be using. They're the exact same as last seasons
  7. Chris Blain on twitter showed a yellow version would work pretty well
  8. I think it's supposed to be the roof, idk if that's any better tbh
  9. It looks fine, just not yellow. I'm thinking pattern is for the new stadium but not sure.
  10. I actually really like chicago's, I think they would be a perfect third jersey. It solves the logo outline problem and the stripe matches the pants better.
  11. Crew kit coming Tuesday 10:00 am
  12. the cuffs also look darker
  13. Ahhhhh I didn't notice that they were using a retro logo. The MBB team has the same style uniform with the current logo, thought they were the same.
  14. I've thought about it before, I think it might work but I would wait, don't get me wrong I love gritty but he's only been around 3 years. I think you need to wait a bit longer