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  1. I'm really depressed to think they'll probably be in Kappa in 21-22. I know it has historical precedent but kappa rarely hits like nike has with roma
  2. Well I guess the flames are not wearing throwbacks
  3. You somehow made the colors look less cohesive.
  4. I mean besides the collar and white three stripes I don't think they're the same template.
  5. dannykraft

    WVU Logo Idea

    I like the idea of the state + WV and I really feel like WVU should have an alternate logo but to be honest I do not see the state at all and the W is hard to make out.
  6. A lot of Blue Jackets reporters are thinking Columbus will be a hub city and it kind of makes sense. Nationwide Arena has the Blue Jackets practice affiliated connected to it. Ohio State also said they would let them use Value City Arena which is basically an NHL level facility. The Ohio State women's rink could also work too. That gives 4 high quality rinks within 3 miles of each other there multiple hotels right outside of Nationwide.
  7. This might be a weird question but do you think they'll just use the logo of what ever locations team at center ice or will they use the nhl logo. Would be cool if they put the 2020 version of this logo at center ice. Maybe put all the teams in the playoffs around it or something.
  8. I don't think you need to win a championship to wear a throwback but someone said above that they should wear them this year to celebrate 20 years since the finals appearance.
  9. LIke I know that '01 team is beloved but I don't really want to celebrate just a finals appearance. I would much rather go with the '83 uniforms if they want to celebrate a championship. I would honesty wait until '22-'23 then.
  10. This might be an unpopular opinion but I'm really not a fan of the AI throwbacks. The wordmark and font look tacky and the colors are all over the place. They only stopped that basic design wearing them 11 years ago and I think there are plenty of designs from the 70's and 80's that would be a lot more interesting to see.
  11. Yea going off what he said ^ I think maybe a double stripe and add stars, then you don't make it look like an adidas kit.
  12. Yea easily the best templates for soccer
  13. https://pardosport-py.blogspot.com/ look under basketball