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  1. Here is the Central division Arizona I bring back the kachina pattern back full time but in the current colors. The 4th is inspired by the sun above the desert. Chicago I kept the Blackhawks look pretty much the same. I changed the dark stripes to match the uniforms from 1955-62. The light uniforms have the hem stripe filled in like their winter classic uniforms which bring more unison with their dark uniforms. The third uniforms are inspired by their 1935 uniforms but I flipped the colors to match the dark and light better. The 4th jersey is inspired by the Chicago flag. Colorado The dark and light are direct throwbacks to their original uniforms except I replaced the yeti foot with the updated Rockies logo. The 4th jersey is inspired by the Colorado flag. Dallas I bring gold back to the Stars. The third jersey is based on their 1993 home uniform. The 4th jersey uses a paisley pattern to pay homage to southwestern fashion. Minnesota The Wild are the only team in the league without a white uniform. I completely replace it with cream throughout the 3 uniforms. The 4th uniform is the North Stars uniform. Nashville I pretty much took their reebok edge uniforms and put them in the Adidas template. I flipped the colors on the white uniforms so there would be more yellow. A navy third jersey for clash purposes. The 4th jerseys are inspired by the neon signs of Lower Broadway. There are six stripes for six guitar strings. St. Louis The jerseys are based on their alternate jerseys which are from 1967. I know the away jersey doesn't match from that time period but I'm not in love with any of their away jerseys from that era. The third is a direct copy from their edge third jerseys which might be my favorite edge jersey. The 4th jersey is a recolored version of the St. Louis flag. Winnepeg I bring back the red white and blue from their pre-Arizona days. The third jersey is a navy version of their WHA uniforms. The 4th jersey pays homage to the famous Winnipeg White-Out.
  2. Hi I'm back with some edits I recolored the panther logo on the 4th to be able to be seen from farther away. I played around with it and I'll let you be the judge but the red just doesn't look right to me. I tried without the white shoulders and it just looked a little bland.
  3. I really loved this kit, I thought the asymmetrical look was super unique in a good way and looked great with the crest.
  4. I love how you combined eras here. I'm not really a huge fan of the modern D but it looks really good with the chest stripe.
  5. It's not, it's a concept from an account called Olierz on twitter. It's what is the hanger effect says.
  6. Here we go with the Metro Division Carolina On the dark and light I really wanted to make the warning flag the identity of the hurricanes, its a unique stripe that no other team could use. On the third jersey I decided to still use the incorrect because the correct logo just doesn't look good on a hockey uniform. I know the 4th uniform look similar to Tampa Bays but I really like how the black and red go against the silver. Columbus I am from Columbus so I go to a lot of Blue Jackets games and while I've never loved their look I think they've finally found their identity. I wanted to make the dark and light a little more traditional by adding a full hem stripe and I really think this makes the uniform complete. I also swapped the red pants for blue pants because I feel like they look better in an all blue set up. The third jersey is just a color swapped version of their current thirds because I don't think a 2001 expansion team should try to look vintage. The 4th jersey is inspired by the Ohio Flag which the blue jackets use a lot in their branding. New Jersey I always saw New Jersey as a no nonsense type of team and I thought their looked really represented that. I was really disappointed in their new jerseys so I decided to bring everything back exactly how it was including the straight hem stripes. The third jersey isn't meant to be used a lot but every team is getting one so the Devils might as well try black. The 4th jersey is just a straight throwback probably for around Christmas and St. Patricks day. New York Islanders I thought the Islanders could use a bit of a refresh, I was always a fan of their 1998-02 uniforms so I tried to combine those with their current uniforms.I added the light house and on the dark I flipped the white stripe so it would be on the bottom like their current socks and then on the light I flipped the orange and blue because I thought it was too orange heavy. The 4th is inspired by the leaks that happened last summer but I used 4 stripes to represent the 4 Stanley Cups. The 4th jersey uses the fisherman which I think is a great logo, just not full time and I simplified the 1995-98 uniforms. New York Rangers I kept the dark and light basically the same except I have it say New York on the light uniforms now. I also added the badge on a shoulder on both uniforms because the primary logo should at least be on the uniform somewhere. (On anniversary years or it would be replaced with that) The third jersey is the Lady Liberty uniforms making a return with a hem stripe. The 4th jersey is inspired by the New York Americans. Philadelphia This might be bias because they're my favorite team but I think the Flyers' dark, light and third jersey are some of the best in the league. The 4th jersey is inspired the Quakers. Pittsburgh I kept the dark pretty much the same, I changed the hem to match the rest of the uniforms and it replicates the sleeves. I take a page out of 1983 and make the gold the light uniform. The White remains as the third uniform. the 4th jersey is inspired by Pittsburghs self proclaimed title as "city of champions" and the Penguins friendship with the Steelers. Washington The dark and lights uniforms are inspired by DC's flag as the stripe on the sleeves. The third jersey use the Washington Monument as the stripe on the sleeve. The double stripe from the dark and light is replicated on the hem instead.On the 4th jersey the logo is inspired by voting buttons and the flag design on the sleeves because they play in the Nation's capital and are called the capitals.
  7. Made some updates to the Atlantic: Buffalo Just made the flag design without the gradient, removed the flag design, and made the collar solid gold to match the stripe. Detroit I redesigned the 4th jersey, I decided to model it after 1927 uniforms but wanted to still showcase the nickname Hockeytown so I replaced Detroit with Hockeytown. Florida All I did was simplify the 4th jersey Montreal Removed the flags from the 4th Tampa Bay Made the 4th uniform a darker grey.
  8. I might do that afterward, this is my first full league concept and I didn't want to deal with different fonts right off the bat.
  9. I was just counting Seattle into this because they enter the league in 2020
  10. Hi! I've been a longtime reader of CCSLC and I've decided to start posting some of my concepts. I decided to redesign the nhl uniforms for the 2021-2022 season. In this concept I decided to take a page from the NBA and give all 32 teams a third and fourth jersey. Going on with the NBA and soccer, there are no home or away uniforms. They just need to clash (I know this would be tough for equipment managers so my idea is that the away team picks the color so they can just travel with one set) I originally redesigned a few teams logos but in the end I decided I still wanted to keep all the teams with the same general brand they already have or have had. Here's the Atlantic Division: Boston I changed the dark and light to be closer to the Bobby Orr days of the 1960s-70s. The third is a modern take of the B's 1965-67 home uniform. Their 4th jersey pays homage to the first bruins' uniform. Buffalo The dark uniforms are inspired by their heritage third jersey they used to have and the light is their winter classic jersey just with laces. The 4th jersey is in spired by the Buffalo flag. Detroit I keep the dark and light the exact same, the third is a red version of their centennial classic uniforms with the 2014 Winter Classic logo. 4th jersey is inspired by the 1930's away jersey and added the Hockeytown logo. Florida I keep the dark and light the same except for having the same crest on both jerseys, the third is a recolored version of their original navy third jersey. I'll admit this is ripping off the Heat but these are Miami Vice inspired. Montreal The Habs' home jersey is probably my favorite uniform in sports but I've always thought their away jersey was missing something so I added stripes to the sleeves. The third jersey is an inverse of the dark jersey. The 4th jersey is blue to honor the Quebec flag but also honor the Canadiens' history. Ottawa The dark, light and third jerseys are all inspired by the Centennial Classic jerseys which has historical significance to Ottawa. The 4th jersey is the Senators original jerseys. Tampa Bay I added some black to the dark and light. The third jersey is an update to their cup winning uniforms. The 4th jersey are a heathered grey pattern to make a rain storm type pattern. Toronto I make the hem stripe a double stripe to add consistency. The third jersey is inspired by the Arenas throwback and the 4th jersey is inspired by Drake. Thanks so much for viewing and any CC would be appreciated! I'll be posting the Metro soon.
  11. This is by far the best Maryland concept I've ever seen. I love how you keep the flag but make it traditional.
  12. The oilers really need to go back to mainly royal with orange, the orange with navy just isn't Edmonton
  13. Sixers scheduled to wear their earned uniforms at home during the conference´╗┐ semis. It could be worse, at least wearing white at home.
  14. I love the Columbus one but I think CBJ instead of CLB would make it more hockey specific.
  15. I designed a gold alternate for my high school team's 10th anniversary (The first jerseys were gold) and I feel like if you enough balance it with enough darker colors a gold jersey can look good on ice and not look too khakish.