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  1. With out the scoreboard I would have no idea that's oregon but a lot of teams are like that now so it's not really just an oregon problem. They kinda invented not using school colors so I don't blame them.
  2. I don't really think you can compare the Blackhawks logo which has been around since 1940's and the navy and silver orca which has been around for about 10 years.
  3. I'd love them as an away kit, Mexico just needs a green home kit
  4. I don't think LA is wearing throwbacks for it though.
  5. This was built on the nike teamwear website using "NIKE DIGITAL ELITE POSTERIZE JERSEY" template and "KANSAS" font
  6. I normally hate it but they were one of the first to do it and they consistently do it I've warmed up to it for them. I hate when teams do numbers on one side but a logo on another when they're both the same size but when the logo is oversized there seems to be an asymmetrical balance that just kinda works for me.
  7. I actually like the color Oregon is using and it may have a slight hue of green but you can't say it doesn't look black. The wings look a little green when the light hits it but for all intensive purposes it is black.
  8. Flames unveiled heritage classic jersey https://twitter.com/NHL/status/1172543078726602753?s=20
  9. I was kinda hoping the Sixers we're going to go back to the original like these but add the drop shadow wordmark/ numbers. The blue touching red doesn't look nearly as good to me. I would also like to just have "Sixers" on as jersey.
  10. I've decided to make a version of what Under Armour throwback uniforms and do a Nike version. The difference here is that it will one team every week so a total of 19 teams. (15 weeks of Nike teams + 4 Jordan teams that will play wear for their biggest home game.) A tried to keep it for each teams biggest home game except for Oregon and their neutral site game. Here are the week by week teams 1. Oregon/ North Carolina 2. Clemson 3. Penn State 4. Georgia 5. Arizona 6. West Virginia/ Florida 7. Texas 8. USC 9. LSU 10. Florida State 11. Alabama/ Oklahoma 12. Missouri 13. Ohio State 14. Stanford/ Michigan 15. Army I tried to get all to get all of the biggest teams and biggest home games. Please let me know if theres any teams or games that should be used instead. Week 1: Oregon and North Carolina
  11. The correct pattern is red and black but I just wanted to keep the same basic look the canes already have so I used the tonal flags.
  12. With the Hurricanes unveiling their new away jersey and now having 3 different distinct looking jerseys I've decided to keep their basic looks but having them keep unified parts. All 3 jerseys keep the tonal storm flag stripes and I add them to the sleeves now. Home Away The home and away keep the primary logo on the front. I normally hate nicknames on hockey jerseys but Canes for some reason kind grows on me. However save that for the alternate the home and away for the primary logo. The stripe widths are now constant and I added the storm flags to the home jersey. Third I move "Canes" to the third jersey because I don't like how the storm flags look on the front of the jersey. I also add the sleeve to the hem to keep consistency and removed the storm grey because it just looked wherever I put it.
  13. Hi everyone, I recently found a few new soccer templates so I wanted to try them out. I am a huge Man U fan and I've been disappointed in their recent kits especially last seasons (except the away kit.) Anyways here are a primary, clash and third kit. Any cc would be appreciated!