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  1. I don't think this means anything but Uni Watch said one of the patriots planes was spotted without any logos on it. Possibility of new logos?
  2. They should have just bought in to the look and made the logo black and white too.
  3. Franklin sucks. Sixers mascots go hip-hop> big shot > franklin
  4. Yea same, I barely own any adidas crew merch, I normally get all my crew gear besides jerseys from Homage.
  5. This quote might have been before it broke they were moving but I know there was a strong push to not buy the official merchandise especially the new jersey since it would be supporting precourt.
  6. you are not in the minority here.
  7. Anyone have a good realistic vapor untouchable psd template?
  8. That's extremmmmmely debatable
  9. looks like chicago is getting Cinci treatment with a blank white away kit. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2020/02/chicago-fire-2020-away-kit.html
  10. Like I wouldn't mind if these were real but the brewers and yankees are the exact same as their regular hats. Could be more creative
  11. Well as a season ticket-holding member of Columbus Crew Soccer Club I feel that you lucked out with the LAFC jerseys because everything you complained about (which I agree with) are barely visible on the new lafc jersey
  12. You're complaining about the LAFC jersey but it's arguably the least affected jersey by the new template compared to all the other teams.