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    Escondido, CA
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    Football, hockey, baseball, pro wrestling, music, comic books, animation
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    The old "white horse through the orange D" Broncos logo is probably my all-time favorite. The Mighty Ducks logo, too.
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    Denver Broncos, Anaheim Ducks, San Diego Gulls, San Diego Padres, Lake Elsinore Storm

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My interest in sports goes back to when i was a child. The Broncos were my first-ever favorite team (this is when I lived in Golden, near Denver). When I moved to San Diego, that's when the Ducks and Padres fandoms happened (this was just before the Rockies existed). 


My music taste is eclectic, but skews old. Classic blues, 40s-50s R&B, early rock n roll, garage rock, soul, funk, proto-punk, classic punk, 70s-80s hard rock/metal, prog rock, old comedy and novelty records (the weirder, the better), and other stray things.


I love the comics artform as a whole. I read at least one comic book a day.


I love cartoons, old and new, domestic and foreign, whatever. I do especially love golden-age cartoon shorts.


Big wrestling fan, 25 years strong. I'm particularly fond of Japanese wrestling, and wrestling history. I love a good wrestling book.