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  1. The airports (and we have more than you would guess) here don't really have logos, they all just use the IAA logo with the airport name. I've never been able to figure out what it's supposed to be, beyond a Magen David.
  2. I posted a bunch of New York stations a long while back, but I moved, so here you go. Kan 11 (Kan means here) Keshet 12 (Keshet means rainbow, which explains the colors), "The television of Israel." Reshet 13 (Channel) Arutz HaKnesset (Israeli C-SPAN)
  3. Can we see a similar collage for the A's? It'd be a really different kind of world if they'd moved, but at least an artistically nice one.
  4. Still not Beit Shemesh (I know the logo I want and I can't get it right), but check this out! Raanana Background: Raanana is actually a majority-Israeli city, but that fact would surprise most American Jews and quite a few Israelis. It's thought of as one of the most American/Anglo cities in the country (I celebrated the 4th of July here a very long time ago), one where you're as likely to hear a Long Island accent as an Israeli accent. If you have a Jewish friend (especially a religious one), ask them, they probably have a relative who lives there. For such an American city, with such a strong New York influence... We've got a bit of Yankees influence here. I know, I hate it, too, but it works. Logo and colors: We're in black and white. The stark simplicity is in stark contrast to the city's last attempt at baseball, but there's a reason for that: this one looks cool. The logo is a very simple R from a font that I found that looked kind of Yankees-y, and I quite like the little swoop. Cap: I wanted to make sure that this team, for all of its Yankees influence, could be distinguished from their American counterparts from a bit of distance, so they've got a nice white brim (also I really don't like monochrome caps). It's got the R, and we move to the jersey. Jersey: From here to the end of the pants, it's basically just Yankees. Instead of NY, it's got an R, but that's pretty much it in terms of difference. Pants: As above, it's Yankees to the bottom. The belt loops are different, of course, Israel colors in accordance to the rules here. Socks: Here, as with the cap, we have a bit of difference. Raanana is a WHO-designated Green City, and they're pretty darned proud of it. As part of the attempt to differentiate subtly from a difference, I've defaced the plain black socks with a thick white stripe bearing a thinner green stripe for what I think is a nice look. Up next... Let's find out!
  5. An update is coming on Be'er Sheva (in re: the text), but in the meantime... Tzfat Background: Tzfat (also spelled Safed) is a city in the north, one of the oldest cities in the country. When I say old, I mean non-Biblical sources indicate it was built by one of Noah's sons. It was also part of the Kingdom of Jersualem when the Crusaders did that sort of thing. My point, it's been there for a really, really long time. As a result, it's got a ton of weird history and identities: It's one of the holiest cities in Israel, having been home to really famous rabbis like the AriZal and Yosef Karo, and it's home to a ton of hippies, and it's home to a huge artists' quarter with all sorts of really cool art. In other words, if you want to get inspired and talk to G-d, and then get high and "talk to G-d," Tzfat is the city for you. Logo and colors: Because of the weird and vaguely dichotomous identities of the city, as well its age, I went with something very basic and classic. The blue and silver come from the blue doors of the city (it's a thing) and the silver you'll see across both the Jewish Quarter and the Artists' Colony, in the art and the traditional judaica (the shades come from the city coat of arms). The logo is just a tzadi (the first letter in Tzfat) - the only way to represent the entire city all in one, without catering to any specific sector. It also represents a very old and very beautiful city. Cap: Sticking with the motif, blue crown, silver brim, and the logo letter in silver. Nothing flashy, very traditional. Jersey: Sticking with the same motifs throughout, we have a lovely blue jersey with two silver stripes on on the sleeves. The name of the city appears in big letters across the chest, in Hebrew (a first for the series). The number is in gold, an homage to the stone makeup of the city (again, shade from the coat of arms), on the opposite side so that it appears under the end of the name (as is tradition). Pants: Our first team to use gray as a team color (probably not the last) wears home gray pants (also road gray pants, because it's just the one look). The two stripes from the jerseys continue, although they're in blue so they don't blend into the gray of the pants. Socks: They're blue, with the double stripe back in silver. The sannies are gold, because colored sannies are gorgeous, carrying the gold from the numbers down and tying it all together. Up next: ... Beit Shemesh? Something? We'll see!
  6. Attempts were made, but the spacing never looked right. The R overlapping the button flap would be a problem, but I'm pretty sure the S on the other side would be fine (albeit maybe a bit bumpy).
  7. Apologies for the delay here, it's been a week of technological chaos. We progress onwards! I know I said Beit Shemesh, but... Be'er Sheva Background: Be'er Sheva (also spelled Beersheba, which is less correct but easier to type) is a relatively large city (for Israel) down south, colloquially refered to as the Capital of the Negev, which is that really deserty bit that takes up most of southern Israel. It's mentioned in the Bible; Abraham creates a treaty with Avimelech there about some wells, and Isaac later comes back and re-digs the seven wells his father dug. In fact, the name of the city means either Seven Wells or Well(s) of the Oath, both of which refer to those stories. Today, the city has shifted from the well industry to high tech and chess. Logo and colors: The logo combines a B (for Be'er) with the number 7, which has been a big part of the city's branding for almost ten years now (an alternate version appears with a 7Bs). The purple comes from the city's non-heraldic "coat of arms," while I used Columbia Blue as a base for the whole well thing and so that I could give them a pale blue uniform (we're back in the seventies, apparently). Cap: A nice purple crown, Israel eyelets, and a light blue 7B to match a light blue brim. Early drafts did have a blue crown, purple brim, but I thought it made the whole look overly blue, so we flipped that. Jersey: As I said above, we went back to the '70s ('80s? '90s?) for this look. A nice light well-y blue, the name across the chest in purple with a number. The sleeves are capped in purple, and the left sleeve has the alternate logo (7Bs instead of just 7B). Pants: They're still light blue, but I left them stripeless so I could go crazy on the socks. The belt is purple, and the Israel loops blend in way too much, something I didn't consider when I started but don't overly mind. Socks: Like I said. Seven wells, 7 in the logo (both municipal and townball), seven nice white stripes. Thicker stripes looked a little too circus tent-y, which is fine in the right place, but this wasn't it, so I kept them thin and modest. Light blue sannies, which I suppose is what happens when uniforms are designed by A's fans. So yeah, that's that. Comments very much appreciated. Up next: Tzfat, I think.
  8. So Brandon, Manitoba, the shipping would definitely be prohibitively expensive. Alas. If nothing else, the new Whiskey Jacks logo is better than the old Whiskey Jacks logo (above), which looks almost like a grayscale Baltimore Orioles logo. Also, I love the name Whiskey Jacks. So delicious and fun to say.
  9. The bird thinks the way you're standing just looks weird. There's definitely something off about the stance and the eyes, and the motion lines are kind of weird. That being said, it's kind of adorable, and I'd get a hat if shipping from Wheat City wasn't almost definitely prohibitively expensive (also if I knew where Wheat City is).
  10. I'd agree that the logo needs to be more USA-centric as opposed to MLB-centric. Maybe Old Glory instead of the batterman, and replace the fireworks (which are looking a little pinwheely) with a baseball? You could even have the flag flying on a bat flagpole, to keep it more baseball. I really do like this idea (although I think we all know MLB would mess it up with one-off uniforms).
  11. Modiin-Maccabim-Re'ut Background: Modiin (the much shorter version of the name) is a lovely city just on the Israel side of the Green Line, founded in 1993 (Modiin), 1985 (Maccabim), 1987 (Re'ut), and 2003 (merged together) near (though probably not on) the site of the ancient city of Modiin, home of the Maccabees (of Chanukah fame). It's a mix of religious and secular Jews mostly, Israeli-born Israelis and Anglos, and almost all well-off, because it's not cheap. It is, however, very nice and green and clean. Logo and colors: An M for Modiin (and Maccabim) appears, big and bold, crowned by a Chanukiah in reference to the history of the name. The colors come from the city's current municipal logo, which is... Not great. I went green-heavy both because they went green-heavy and because it's really a very green place. Lots of plants and nature. Cap: Nothing crazy. Green crown with a red brim for a very traditional (and slightly too Christmas-y? 'Tis the season, I suppose) look. The logo appears, with the green M turned white so it stands out (an early draft with a red M white crown blended in too much). The blue eyelets will be a recurring feature, just like the belt loops in the original series. Jersey: We're going to see a lot more color-over-white looks here, being outside the realm of traditional baseball and in a place where people like colorful jerseys. The green is back, with red sleeve trimming. The name of the city is emblazoned in white across the chest, with the M crowned like the logo (crowning all the letters, and just the M and the N, were deemed too busy), above a uniform number in white. All very nice and simple. Pants: A thick green stripe down the leg on both sides. The belt loops, as is traditional, are Israel Blue and White, which you'll see on all the teams. Red belt, because we were a little bit low on red. Socks: The stirrups use the Chanukiah from the logo as stripes, three of them (for the three merged cities) in a red-white-red pattern (because it looked good). So yeah, that's that. Comments very much appreciated. Up next: Beit Shemesh (probably).
  12. Howdy! A really long while ago, I did a concept series around here, creating uniforms for town team baseball in New York City (as opposed to where it's currently popular). I've since moved to Israel to finish college and eat falafel, and since townball actually exists here (in American football, but whatever), and I wanted to get back into concepts, I figured reviving the idea with a new series in my new home would be kind of fun. I'll be focusing on cities with big Anglo populations (lots of baseball fans) and the college cities (lots of athletes who want to play sports) in a slightly more organized (but still not that organized) method than last time. You'll see the league logo down below, based heavily on the WBC Israel logo (in that it's their star and a T for townball based on their I), but you won't see that again except in the corners of future concepts. There'll be a concept up in a few minutes, and regular posting for the most part (although finals are coming up, yeesh).
  13. I really liked the old now-old Nashville look, although I think it took a big hit when they changed away from the orange. Nevertheless, it was definitely one of my go-to hats (green and yellow stick out more). The new look is also great, obviously going for a different character. Is it weird that we've heard nothing from Las Vegas so far?
  14. As an A's fan, I've loved almost all of these, but Phoenix might be my favorite. That elephant is fantastic. One thing I would point out is that with the exception of part of our brief sojourn in Kansas City, where our identity was a complete and total mess (and, I suppose, the Oaks fauxbacks), the A's tradition of wearing the A (or A's) over a P for Philly or O for Oakland has stood strong for 100 years. I would welcome, follow, and support a spin-off series where the A's move to all the MLB cities and screw the consequences.
  15. The flames and swoosh being opposites (emphasis yours) are what really ruin the now-old logo. With just the flame, it's stuck in the nineties, but acceptable. With just the swoosh, it's a little corporate, but acceptable. With both fighting each other, it's needed a change since the day they unveiled it. The new one is... Acceptable. Lowercase is a weird choice, and it somehow already looks outdated. But at least we know which way the ball is going.