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  1. And finally, we have the Miami Stealth. I think the colors work well together, somewhat reminiscent of the 2015 All-Star Jerseys. But, onto the uniforms. I used the jets current logo, recolored it and hid the leaf. Even though i don't like using Bettman-esque piping, i really like how these look. The neon green stand out a lot on the home, the black piping helps it stand out on the white jersey, and the black-green-gray combo on the alternate look magnificent in my opinion. The alternate jersey also uses a custom Florida logo that came out with NHL18. Anyway, that's all for today folks. As always, even if you don't like how i'm presenting these (in the style of NHL18, i mean) i always appreciate C&C on the designs. Thanks everyone.
  2. Now we have the New Jersey Devils. First and foremost, they return to green and red. Which i like. Both jerseys incorporate minimal black into them, which doesn't really help or belong, but i think it works out ok. The alt is black, as it should be for when they release an actual third jersey. But, it uses the custom devil logo, and i think it comes out really good.
  3. So I've got 2 new teams to add to this list and a new iteration of an old team. So, lets star-t with the old team. Haha, get it? No. Ok, anyway, this is a new iteration of the Dallas Stars concept i originally posted. I decided to go with Sabres-esque jersey striping. I added a phantom shoulder yoke to the white jersey, which helps it. The black alternate is a good look for Dallas, both here and real life. One other thing to add is the pants, i know you cant see, but the pants use the capitals old alt. star pattern. That i recolored and i think it works out pretty good.
  4. So, i've got another team to add. This is the Las Vegas Knights. Its pretty much what i think Vegas should be wearing now. I got rid of the red from the uniforms and just stuck with Steel Gray, Black, and Gold. I think it looks much better and cleaner compared to their current jerseys. Which is nothing bad as I am a huge fan of their current uniforms. For the alternate i went with black jersey even though i contemplated going with a gold one. I used the star logo for the alt jersey and a custom logo on the shoulders. As always, C&C is appreciated.
  5. So this is a new iteration of an old team on here. I decided to update the look of the Milwaukee Marauders. The look is no longer an almost carbon copy of Boston. While it still follows the same overall design, it strays away and looks a lot cleaner than the previous set. I think this is a real improvement over the old set. As always, C&C is appreciated.
  6. Finally, we have the Reading Royals. Obviously i used their current logo, and then used on old Kings logo for the alternate. I like the colors, i think they work well together. I really like the home jersey, i like how the colors compliment each other and it just looks like a really clean set.
  7. Up next we have the New York Gladiators. i used the Atlanta Gladiators logo and then a custom logo for the alternate. The colors i used aren't used at all in the NHL, and i think for the most part they look good. The alternate is ok, but i feel like i could have done better on it.
  8. So, with NHL 18 coming out, i thought I'd take a look at how the create a team changed. And, i was fairly happy to see it changed a decent amount. You can now use ECHL Logos, there's more custom logos, and you can create a mascot. Very happy. Anyway, on to some more concepts First we have the Houston Thunder, my 32nd NHL expansion team. I went with colors i previously used for the Maine Mariners. And i used the Wichita Thunder logo. And i am very pleased with how these came out. The colors work well together and the balance of color on the jerseys is good for the most part i believe.
  9. The other team is the Missouri Outlaws. I went with Wild colors for these uniforms. The style is very similar to the Golden Knights inaugural uniforms. In a way. The red accent is sort of what gives it the VGK feel. As its not prominent at all in the logo, its more of an accent color, but it looks good on the uniform in my opinion. And what i really like about this uniform is I went with a cram/tan away jersey. That's something that even the NHL doesn't do, and i think it looks really good on this set.
  10. So, i have two more teams to add. First up is the Maine Mariners. I went with Seattle Mariners colors, or close to it. The teal is actually San Jose' shade. But, anyway, i like how this set came out. It's something i haven't done in NHL 17. I don;t like to use Bettman piping on jerseys, but i like how these came out.
  11. Finally, we have the Georgia Bulldogs. The color scheme is one i wanted to use for a while. The away and home follow the same style, somewhat being based off the current Coyotes jerseys. The alternate is just a simple, clean jersey. I decided to use a yellow alternate instead of black, because almost every team on this concept page has a black alternate. So, i trayed away from a black jersey for once.
  12. So, quick update. I added two new teams. First up is the Denver Pioneers. I went with traditional pioneer colors that i thought would look good. I like the logo a lot and how they look on the uniforms. I went with a more classic uni set. My favorite is the away uniform, it just looks so clean. The alternate is out there a bit, but it works.
  13. And finally, for Philadelphia, i yet again, got rid of the shoulder yoke i had. The set looks much more classic now, like Chicago's home jersey. I really like how this one turned out.
  14. For Pennsylvania, i yet again got rid of the shoulder yoke. The set looks much more simple now and i think it looks a lot better than it did before.
  15. Next, for Orlando, i got rid of the shoulder yoke on both the home and away jerseys. Which helps it look like a much more classic and less cluttered set. The alternate remains unchanged.
  16. Next, for Vegas, i tried to make the jerseys looks closer to the set that was unveiled back in June. I also added a black alternate that i tried to use the same template style on.
  17. So this is just an update on a few teams. First, for Cleveland, i changed up the hem stripe and got rid of the shoulder yoke on the home and removed the shoulder yoke on the away. Helps it look like a more classic jersey set in my opinion.
  18. Can I request a New Jersey Devils one please? -Taylor Hall -Cory Schneider -Martin Brodeur -Patrik Elias -Kyle Palmieri -Adam Henrique -Andy Greene -Travis Zajac -Damon Severson Thanks
  19. These Winnipeg uniforms are based on the heritage classic jersey they unveiled. I tried to replicate it as the away, then created a corresponding home jersey and unique alternate jersey.
  20. These uniforms bring black back to the Tampa uniforms. Keeping the logo blue, i used a black home jersey. I also used the Hurricanes alt logo for the Bolts, which is probably a cardinal sin, but i like how the alternate jersey came out.
  21. This is obviously based off St. Louis' uniforms. I've made subtle changes which i think look better than their current set. Using a lighter blue on the uniforms, i really like how these came out.
  22. Yet another random team with Seattle. I tried to go with colors attributed with the Pharaohs head. Which is typically the gold and blue. The alternate uses the Anubis head and the similar colors.
  23. Another random team with San Diego. I used the red, white, black color combo. My favorite is the alternate, which uses very little white on it.
  24. These are roughly based on the Coyotes jerseys now, but they also go in their own direction. The alternate is clearly my favorite, as im not a huge fan of the Bettman piping.
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