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  1. Giving me some swastika vibes especially with the red and black.
  2. Am I the only one hear who can't see the C and the H? Someone want to point the out to me?
  3. Idk why they'd outline it in maroon. It creates a bigger contrasts and doesn't go with the rest of the font colours on the jersey. Maybe it was because it would create a silver kind of blob with that stripe being right next to it?
  4. Those Avs jerseys are actually perfection! Love what you did with the numbers.
  5. Tanny81

    NHL 2017-18

    Umm don't know if this is only for Montreal but there's a huge discrepancy in the Women's collar when compared to the Men's on the Fanatics replica. I mean I know the collars are bad but if at least make them authentic to the the real crap.
  6. Think you're on to something there with that Kings logo. It isn't perfect but I definitely think they should use that font more. As for the jersey I think it could use a bit more black. Perhaps something around the cuffs or hems.
  7. Tanny81

    NHL 2017-18

    Umm no offense to the adults out there but you gotta rethink what you choose to wear on your chest. 8.5/10 would buy a washed out "Foot" logo shirt.
  8. Uhh someone answer me cuz I've never been there but isn't Little Ceasers pizza square?? If so then wouldn't make sense to show that in the logo?
  9. Tanny81

    NHL 2017-18

    The "Foot" logo is a way better secondary logo than the boring old Colorado "C" ever will be. The former tied into the brand well with it having tying aspects to the main logo (like the oval) and was pretty original and the only of it's kind. The "C" on the other hand is at odds with the main logo and jersey design they're going for now. Again it's geometric and clean cut while the main logo's a bit more jagged and extreme. There's also so many teams in sports that already have a "C" as their logo and there are several teams in hcokey already that use it as a primary or secondary logo. On a more simple note, think about it like this. Would you rather walk down the street in a shirt with a round Coloradan C on it or an xtreme foot logo? Nuff said
  10. Tanny81

    NHL 2017-18

    The jerseys as a whole suck but at least with the new socks all the proportions are consistent. What Vancouver needs to is model a set after Utica's green jerseys. Get rid of the white yoke and hems while slapping the "Johnny Canuck V" on the front and you got yourself the start to a nice identity they can stick to.
  11. I actually really like the white stripes on the home jersey. It's a element that I think has been missing from basically all VGK concepts and really makes the colours pop.
  12. Yeah not really digging the Expos. You kinda make them look like the can't decide between using red and blue like the Rangers. As a dude living in Montreal i'd feel like i'm qualified in making some suggestions so here's a few: -If you don't wanna do the pinwheel caps then at least lose the red bill on the blue one. -Change the stripes on the socks to match those on the sleeves. -Change the belt to blue. Also I kinda like your idea for a Canada day jersey but the cap logo and overall design reminds me of the Blue Jays' one too much.
  13. Yeah kinda. But also maybe applying those colours to the geometric shapes could help in my humble opinion.
  14. In that case then I must commend you for the strong logo. I'm a but curious though on what would happen if you incorparated the primary colours of red and yellow into the design on top of the blue? Perhaps making the 'DAM' part each a different colour and then also recolouring the geometric shapes representing the building in this style would help?
  15. I think the third one's the strongest. Sorry with my unfamiliarity with the museum, but is the logo supposed to be a simplified version of the building or something?
  16. I like the Lion's face and the crown but it's hair could use some silver or white shading. Maybe incorporating the letters LA into it would be cool?
  17. I really hate the "A" logo that Arizona insists on always using. It's unoriginal, awkward and doesn't mesh well at all with their "futuristic" uniforms which are pretty terrible as well. Also, get rid of the teal already! It doesn't make any of the colours pop for me and just looks like someone spilled their toothpaste on the jerseys.
  18. That Cardinals concept is probably the best I've seen in a long time. Nice template also!
  19. The Toledo concept is GOOD but I think the shade of Blue that acts as the base looks a bit tired. Maybe going for something more vibrant could work.
  20. If gotta I have to choose a Predators logo I'd go with your first version. The second one kinda gives off a bit of a muskrat vibe.
  21. I think I like A the most but it still seems like it's missing something. I think making the border white would tie all the colours together better.
  22. I think Quebec's best chance of a team is the Hurricanes if their attendance drops even further. However the prospect of a relocation is even further reduced with the Canadian dollar and a upcoming provincial election.