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  1. Hi, Since it will be busy soon for you once the new NBA season restarts, can you please in the meantime make the San Diego basketball court (Valley View Casino Center), used by the Lakers last year in their pre-season? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi OlavoP, I only asked for San Diego as I would really like the City to have an NBA Team, and I am using Kodrinsky's work to create a personal basketball experience on a Computer Game. It would be nice to have San Diego as an Expansion team and manage them throughout an entire NBA season, using the mentioned arena
  3. Dear kodrinsky, First of all thanks a lot for your great work. I've noticed that Milwaukee Bucks' Fiserv Forum of last night's playoff game (and also for the last couple of months' regular season games) is different than the one which you've done on this page. Also, is it possible for you to make the Valley View Casino sports Arena of San Diego (the one which was used by the Lakers in the pre-season) ? Thanks a lot in advance
  4. Hi Kodrinsky, First of all really thanks for your great job on creating such detailed and accurate NBA courts, much appreciated I really wish you continue with the release of the 2016-17 missing courts. There aren't a lot, so hopefully shouldn't be a problem. Then if you'll manage to do also the all star courts, it would be even greater Thanks a lot in advance mate Regards Adrian
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