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  1. Israel loses 12-2 to the Dutch. So I suppose they need to somehow beat Japan and hope that Cuba beats the Netherlands, and by a good score, in order to advance. Neither of which seems very likely at the moment, unfortunately. Best way for them to ensure they move on, is to beat Japan, of course, but Japan has been a very good team so far this tournament, so it's probably going to be a real challenge for them to beat Japan. Here's hoping, though. IF they lose, they lose. But even if they do, perhaps they can still somehow advance on to the semifinals, in any case. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  2. Israel wins against Cuba 4-1! Wonderful! Go, Israel! Turtle Pilgrim out.
  3. Israel walked the bases loaded full of Cubans, but fortunately the Cubans still couldn't score in the top of the 8th. Israel still leads 3-1, going into the bottom of the 8th. Israel could be a real deal here. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  4. Wouldn't it really be something if they somehow legitimately sweep this pool as well? Turtle Pilgrim out,
  5. Israel leading Cuba 3-1 as of the middle of the 7th inning in Japan. Go, Israel! Turtle Pilgrim out.
  6. Ryne probably wouldn't be in the Hall, or at least not as likely, I think, had he not homered off Sutter twice in the same game, the game now commonly referred to as the Sandberg Game. Granted, he was a good player, but I still suspect he wouldn't have been in had that not happened like it did off my favorite all-time player that I've seen and my favorite Cardinal of all. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  7. No mention of Cardinals jerseys yet, before Cubs ones? I'd take the Birds on the Bat any day over most, if not all, Cubs-themed uniforms, or anything Cardinals-related, most likely. Although I will admit they sure took it to us earlier, last year, when they stole our division and our league away from us. But we'll be back soon enough, I'm sure. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  8. Israel beats the Netherlands, sweeping their pool! Go Israel! Next round in Japan, hello! Turtle Pilgrim out.
  9. What about the Scouts or the Rockies, as long as we're thinking about the Devils here as well, for instance? Turtle Pilgrim out.
  10. Israel won 15-7, but nearly let Taiwan get back into the game. Fortunately, the Taiwanese were only able to get from 3-15 to 7-15, before the game ended. While Israel played really well, it seems, or Taiwan goofed a lot, or both, Israel's going to have to play better against the Netherlands, I believe, if they want to SWEEP their pool, of course. Go, Go, Israel! Turtle Pilgrim out.
  11. After 7 innings, Israel's up 11-3 on Taiwan! Go, Israel! Turtle Pilgrim out.
  12. Well, the Stinking Cubs finally won a World Series, technically, for the first time in over a century, so why not have Israel somehow actually winning the WBC? Yes, I don't like the Cubs, but I still recognize them as a historical and classic MLB team, even so. I love the Cardinals, but even so, I can recognize that Chicago's still had some rather good teams in the past, even ones that fell short of winning the World Series for so long. And also, if I remember correctly, head-to-head all-time in matchups on the field of play, the Cubs still lead us in the all-time series, even though we still beat them in terms of overall championships and possibly in primary-team Hall of Famers. Even if we swept them for at least the next one or two seasons in head-to-head matchups, I think they'd still hold the overall head-to-head lead on us with them. That is all. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  13. I'd really love to see Israel versus the USA in the WBC finals. But Israel is likely going to have to get past the Netherlands, Cuba, and Japan, in their half of things first, at the very least. The USA will likely have a much easier road to the finals, but even them getting there is not certain, due to other nations having a number of good players as well, I think. It would be wonderful if my two favorite real-world nations could face off against each other in the finals, in my view. IF they both did, however, even though I'm an American, I don't know who I'd most want to win for sure. That is all for now, at least, then, folks. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  14. I could see the Panthers wearing those uniforms, I think, easily enough, especially if the bluish borders for the numbers were a tad thicker, so that it doesn't seem the white numbers were sort of blending into the black as they seem to do for me now, at least. The Buccaneers should perhaps ditch the pewter and red, at least, that they now have, and perhaps go with their original colors and black, in my view, because it was quite unique in its time, when they wore their original colors, I believe. And it was a different shade of orange from the ones that the Bengals and Broncos and Browns had then, too. The current orange is too bright for the Browns, even in reality, it seems to me. A darker orange and a lighter brown might look better, as well, for the Browns, or at least a different shade of brown, anyway. I have given comments on other people's concepts in various threads before, as well. I have also said in at least a few of those threads that I liked at least a few of them,if memory serves. People are free to take my suggestions or not as they so choose. I'm most certainly not telling them just how to design, but I am asking them, I believe, how they might do certain things in certain ways, if different influences were used instead of the usual ones that many may periodically use in their designs. That is all for now, in any case. Have a good day, I hope, then, everyone. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  15. How would your current Cardinals look with a helmet logo like the one they had for much of their time in St.Louis, with or without a gradient present? I am not really a fan of the current Cardinal head, to be honest. Or a uniform set more like they had during their St. Louis years, than what they have now? Just wondering, that's all. Turtle Pilgrim out.