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  1. So the East Grand Forks Senior High Green Wave? What a name. I swear that must be a Minnesota thing. I really like the green and red combination. I’m not sure why but I really like the Pirates striping, works really well with the colors. Also the custom logo is pretty sweet
  2. I actually prefer the astros colors, I don’t see the argument that it’s similar to the thunder, thunder aren’t a navy dominant team, their blue is much lighter, and the orange might be too. I think if you emphasize the navy and orange with little lighter blue, you wouldn’t have to worry at all. Outside of the orange I like the top left. It works pretty well.
  3. The steel pattern’s got to go. Otherwise, besides the silly name and comic sans like font, there’s not much you can do, the most intresting is definitely the first one, if anything roll with it
  4. Would love to see the fauxback rays vs fauxback Rockies, I love the bears inspiration, it might be my favorite uniform you’ve done yet
  5. I’m interested in watching more hockey the next season, but I never really had a team. Nashville and Columbus are probably who I should be a fan of considering my region but I’ve found my self interested in the Knights due to the fact their brand new. Anyone got any idea which I should pick? I’ve kinda boiled it down to those 3 (Vegas, Columbus, Nashville)
  6. Kentucky has the Hilltoppers, Colonels, Thoroughbreds and Norse. Then obviously Wildcats and Cardinals. There’s also Racers and Eagles.
  7. I really like tying the colors in to the astros, similar names, similar colors. The logo is a great update to the 90’s logo (even though it really isn’t) I really like this concept, I would lighten the navy a tad though
  8. Timeless looks are usually accompanied by long term success, the only long term success the saints have had are in these uniforms which have lasted almost 2 decades now. I much prefer the current uniforms, I don’t see the yoga pants argument. Sure gold pants or socks would make it look that tiny bit better, but without it the look isn’t bad. The saints throwback is nice, I like the shade of gold and the stripes. Much like my comment about the giants throwbacks on another thread. I would love to see it stick as an alt but I prefer the currents.
  9. Baseball teams have scripts on the front of their jerseys not logos, like basketball (or they should)
  10. Much better! I would even out the dot about the J to finish it though. The curvature helped a lot.
  11. Something about the curvature on Richardson’s name being perfect around the zero, only to be ruined by the dropshadow is both agitating and mesmerizing. Basketball is arguably the best sport for the number (single) zero. Works great on many jerseys
  12. This might be a bit confusing, but the top of the n and the bottom of the j are still too straight, if ya get what I mean, if you look at most 70s abstract logos, they curve and flow, this is jarring and looks stretched. Try tracing the ideas/suggestions people drew for you, and follow the curves more directly
  13. The double blue and orange can look really good, it’s the uniforms and look that ruin it. The name is pretty lame too, too bad it’s stuck, unless maybe a record long losing period is following their first ten years of greatness *crosses fingers*
  14. That’s not that bad though, it’s fake, but it wouldn’t be a bad look for them to take imo
  15. I don’t like how the N has a sharp angle but the J doesn’t, I’d also make it much curvier like many abstract 70s logos, including making the dot circular
  16. The giants are some of the best uniforms in the league right now. They’re classy, and they’ve won (and lost) a lot in them. I think this would be a good alt, it’s a really sharp uniform, I just prefer the currents
  17. If you thought Paul and Harden couldn’t get along just wait, and with George reportedly being upset with Westbrook. I see this Rockets era blowing up in their faces soon. A ticking time bomb. I don’t even see how this move makes them better, not in the short or long term. But for the thunder, big winners, while Paul isn’t great for the team, they can always either ship him off again, or let his contract expire and let him walk, giving them some cap and they also own like every pick. I can’t believe Lillard waved goodbye to a whole era (the first, and quite a great one) of Thunder Basketball
  18. Only? With the quality of these concepts I would love to see 100 more tbh
  19. The J is too big compared to the N, I’d make them the same size
  20. Replace the second purple with gold and I’d say it’s one of the greatest uniforms in the NCAA
  21. That’s not a good uniform. None of the full powder blue uniforms were.