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  1. Teddy Bridgewater is undefeated as a starter this year and Foles is injured, I don’t see either getting traded, who could I see as someone they could try (even though i think it’s very unlikely) is Andy Dalton, 0-6 bengals, Daltons played okay, and with some better receivers like OBJ and Landry he could do some real damage, the bengals kind of need a restart at QB too
  2. The gold pants are in their rotation anymore though, thankfully, it was the only part that didn’t work
  3. The Ravens are one of the few teams that don’t need to change their identity ever. It looks beautiful.
  4. Only if they could drop the weird shoulder stripes, unnecessary leg work marks and grey. W O W looks 100 times better than I would’ve thought though
  5. I get what your saying but, if something’s racist, it needs to be removed, full stop. @SFGiants58 made a great point and referenced some of Jesse Alkire’s work. How would you feel if your race was being portrayed offensively for a sports team.
  6. I don’t think we should be putting how long an identity has existed over what it represents. I don’t care if it’s the best team in the league and has been for the past 150 years. If the name is racist, the name is racist and it needs to go
  7. Here's the shades of teal compared to yours, (Top left: San Antonio Texans, Middle Left: Arizona D-Backs, Bottom Left: Memphis Grizz, Top Right: Miami Dolphins, Bottom right: Charlotte Hornets) Your green is significantly more green than the others. I would lean to any of these more than what you've used.
  8. Neither colors are different to me. And red and mint green clash a lot. If you want something like that I would recommend either a darker green rather than mint (The bucks come to mind) or a teal like the D-backs, and it would help the black too, black when paired mint green are awfully childish colors I can’t see a pro team taking
  9. I’d go more blue than green, look at the D-Backs colors instead of a mint green I’m also confused, Inkscape and imgur show the same shade of “teal”
  10. The colors are the same on both?
  11. There’s so much wrong with this uniforms, and the pants not being silver Is not one of them
  12. The only thing that could work ab that Rockies concept is the green, I could see the Rockies adding it and it looking ok if used right, everythin else is just... bad
  13. This might be unpopular but it works for the Ravens and D-Backs
  14. The nationals navy uniform was new to this year right? It’s gorgeous, I’ve never really pain much attention to the Nats but out of the Navy and Red teams with a Navy alt ( Indians, Braves, Cardinals, Twins, Red Sox) they have clearly the best, they looked great tonight
  15. I feel like the shapes are a bit too generic And simple, i would love to see you approach this logo like you did your admirals one
  16. Orange County S.C. Queen City S.C. Cincinnati Lions S.C. Cleveland Forest Buckeye S.C. (Cleveland) Dallas S.C. Houston Cosmos Racing Club Indy (I’m not sure about Vegas) Miami International S.C. Music City Sounds (Not quite sure about Oklahoma but I’m thinking something respectful about Natives could work) Gold Rush S.C. (Sacramento) Toros de San Diego Salt Lake S.C.
  17. Maybe make a bit more aggressive instead of a cute cartoon
  18. The only thing I’d change to that Lions set is the blue facemask was a downgrade, keep it grey. Everything else though is gorgeous, the inclusion of white really helps and looks good, easily my favorite so far!
  19. Denver state’s logo might be a bit close to Western Cali’s but I absolutely adore the color scheme, so unique and it works great!
  20. Just out of curiosity what would be some big rivalries, such as this leagues Michigan v Ohio State, or Oklahoma v Texas
  21. That’s really interesting, demons is also super interesting. Also they spelled Wendi’s name wrong, it’s right there on the drawing, that’s embarrassing
  22. The playoffs will be extremely similar to last season. West 1. Nuggets 2. Lakers 3. Blazers 4. Clippers 5. Jazz 6. Rockets 7. Spurs 8. Warriors East 1. Bucks 2. Celtics 3. Sixers 4. Pacers 5. Nets 6. Raptors 7. Heat 8. Magic I don’t see that many changes team wise, except for the obvious one, the thunder falling out. The 7,8,9 spots for the East could be Detroit, Miami, or Orlando. The west will be extremely close with the Kings being the closest to making the playoffs, but after them I see a significant drop off. Even the kings will be a good few games out of the 8 seed, the 1-4 seeds will be a max of 4 games apart, I can honestly see the warriors going anywhere from a 5 seed to an 8 seed, same with almost all the teams after 3 or 4
  23. The best one yet. Although I’m sure this team would have a famous NI insignia to go along with the Amish logo? *cough* like Norte Dame *cough*
  24. Black and blue looks the best for Jacksonville. Montreal looks amazing, I prefer it to the Royals so if you’re going to change someone’s name, I’d personally chose the royals. And that secondary logo for St.Louis is gorgeous! That might be your best logo yet!
  25. Norwich Narwhals might be the best identity I can think of (that’s an original name) since the Yard Goats, please don’t mess this up sEa UnIcoRNs