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  1. I actually love all the designs on this page....I've not been a fan of making the rings "bigger and blingier" They need to be worn in my opinion. They should be classy, timeliness and stunning without looking like a :censored:ing paperweight. All of the rings on this page are designed well in my opinion.
  2. The Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles are receiving their Super Bowl championship rings today because the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl which the Philadelphia Eagles won.
  3. Those Reds teams still scare me. They were so so so good.
  4. This man man got booed unmercifully at The Vet. So so glad I got to partake. He was horrible.
  5. Yeah that had no resemblance to a “process” at all. It was a complete cluster :censored:. To be perfectly honest, it began on June 18, 1986 when they traded Moses and the #1 pick on the same day. Outside of one ligthining in a bottle season that single day :censored:ed a franchise for 30+ years.
  6. Allow me to take you on a journey from unquestionable perfection to timeless classic to utter unequivocal garbage....
  7. The auction of Dr. J's awards, rings, etc. did in fact take place; however, I am fairly certain whoever won the most special items - his rings for instance - gave them back to Doc. Positive this is the case. That said, something about the ring in the commercial did not look authentic.
  8. I like the yellow outline but not the notched horn....
  9. What if the ram head was in fact the upper part of the letter R and the stem coming out of it was the front leg of the ram.... Incoropate the logo logo into the word
  10. They are making a massive mistake going down this route. The games out here are always fun because of the environment created by the visiting team fan base. Go go to an Angels' game some night against Tampa Bay. Come back against the Yankees or Red Sox. It's a different universe - not because of the hole fans, but because of the visiting fans. There are three or four high school teams in the LA/OC area that people will care about more than the Chargers.
  11. Nobody said the Ljnc was a bad stadium or the Vet was a shrine. From a game-day entertainment value perspective, the Vet was more fun to be a part of the game. Yes the sight lines are better at the Linc. Yes it's cleaner, prettier, newer and can't forget the solar energy.....but it's still not as fun an atmosphere. Yes the Vet was a dump and the field was atrocious and blah blah blah. I don't give a :censored:.
  12. Any Eagles game played here Instead of here