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  1. Just went for a walk and a local was having a garage sale. Not bad for three bucks. I think I can bleach that stain out
  2. Actually didn't even realize the cards had front numbers on their jerseys at this time. Now if the dodgers dropped their front numbers, I'd notice. Personally I like them better without now that I'm seeing it.
  3. Sorry but those are sweet and I want one. Do you know where I can find one?
  4. Mike Vick aka Ron Mexico Don't recall ever seeing him in a game with these. I always associate him with the current set
  5. Perfectly articulated The Lions should/could have a wildly popular jersey that would fly off the racks and be especially popular with the adult fans by going 100% traditional My take on the Lions going traditional: toning down the Honolulu blue to their more original shade simplifying the color scheme (no black, chrome, nike nonsense) block numbers and traditional striping pattern OR be wildy popular with the kids and "trendsters" by going 100% modern My take on the lions going modern: "Nike-fying" their Honolulu blue going all out with chrome facemasks, trim, outlines keeping black in their color scheme adding some type of "effect" on the numbers and/or fabric, lion's fur immediately comes to mind heck, even changing the helmet color to black, Honolulu blue, or chrome ditching their sleeve stripes more a more contemporary pattern My point is they are at an identity crossroads, and trying to appeal to both generations will continue to leave their uniforms in the middle of the pack
  6. Elias Manning in the former (superior) giants away uniform
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