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  1. 41 minutes ago, kroywen said:

    I think that's true - I doubt many people even remember that the Cards weren't wearing front numbers back in 1998 during McGwire's home run chase. Personally, I'll never look at that 1998 uniform and not think it looks so weird and incomplete.


    I will say, for uniform nerds like us with an eye for these things, that McGwire might be the only Cardinal for whom the number-less uniform is the "right" uniform, given that the signature moment of his career happened in that uniform.

    Actually didn't even realize the cards had front numbers on their jerseys at this time. Now if the dodgers dropped their front numbers, I'd notice. Personally I like them better without now that I'm seeing it. 

  2. 2 hours ago, The Giant Pacific Octopus said:


    Hockey logo> Disney logo

    Seriously they might as well wear these things.



    Sorry but those are sweet and I want one. Do you know where I can find one?

  3. 1 hour ago, The Giant Pacific Octopus said:


    I agree. They should wear those full time. Just get rid of the stupid childish Disney Duck and put the "D" on the front. Than those jerseys would be awesome..

    Dusk mask > Duck foot

  4. 13 hours ago, Sleeper66 said:

    Well, "switch things up" is one way to put it. I've always considered it "flailing." This is a franchise that's never been able to decide if it's traditional or cutting edge, and has tried (since the Millen BFBS) to split the difference.


    They're a little similar to the Vikings in that regard. When the Vikes did their "upgrade" in '06 they were trying really hard to be modern. Luckily for their fans they figured it out the next time around (mostly). 


    The Bears and Packers know who the hell they are. The Lions define themselves by focus groups and fads. I so wish I could quit them....

    Perfectly articulated


    The Lions should/could have a wildly popular jersey that would fly off the racks and be especially popular with the adult fans by going 100% traditional


    My take on the Lions going traditional:

    • toning down the Honolulu blue to their more original shade
    • simplifying the color scheme (no black, chrome, nike nonsense)
    • block numbers and traditional striping pattern


    OR be wildy popular with the kids and "trendsters" by going 100% modern


    My take on the lions going modern:

    • "Nike-fying" their Honolulu blue
    • going all out with chrome facemasks, trim, outlines
    • keeping black in their color scheme
    • adding some type of "effect" on the numbers and/or fabric, lion's fur immediately comes to mind
    • heck, even changing the helmet color to black, Honolulu blue, or chrome
    • ditching their sleeve stripes more a more contemporary pattern


    My point is they are at an identity crossroads, and trying to appeal to both generations will continue to leave their uniforms in the middle of the pack





  5. As far as this Lions reveal is concerned, it will be a shame if the Lions don't hit this outta the park.  They have a beautiful color scheme, a solid logo, and a classic "sports team name"


    With that being said, I'm going to restrain my opinion until the reveal (or legit leak) 

  6. 3 hours ago, BrianLion said:


    Alright  I'm throwing the flag on including 3rd jerseys or one off throwbacks in this thread.  You'd just get out of hand with those as every player under the sun has worn one at one time or another.


    It's much more interesting (and probably the intent of the OP) to post guys wearing a team's regular uniform at that time that isnt the look you associate him with for that team.    

    This is me stomping on your flag and setting it ablaze 


  7. 3 hours ago, Gothamite said:


    Still making random assumptions without support.  

    I fail to see how that is a random assumption without support. For the first time in my adult life the topic of the NFL's ratings consistently made their way to the headlines of non sports news sources