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  1. I LOVE this set and wish they would bring it back as alternates
  2. I much prefer these to what they wear as the reinvented Charlotte hornets
  3. I agree on the vikes. Their previous uniforms get too much credit. Those Peterson/Favre era unis were great. Especially the shade of purple.
  4. That's gotta be terrible as an actual fan of the team. I was never a legit 'fan' because I live on the east coast and naturally am a Ranger fan. However, the Mighty ducks got my older brothers into playing hockey and it rubbed off on me. I have fond memories of my parents buying us mighty ducks jerseys one year for Christmas. I remember going to a game against the Mighty ducks and wore my mighty ducks jersey instead of my Rangers one to the game even though I was rooting for the Rangers. The excitement of seeing the Ducks in their eggplants in real life and the Rangers winning made for an amazing experience. I was so disappointed when they rebranded and couldn't get into their cup run. Haven't cared about them at all since, but I did tune in a few years ago for their throwback game. I'm still not 100% sold on their third jerseys and really wish they'd go back to their original look but oh well. Go Rangers
  5. I'm by no means a fan of the team, but I like the Texans strictly because of their logo. I also have a soft spot for their battle red ensemble. On the flip side, I stopped liking the Ducks when they dropped the Mighty and switched to their current identity. Doesn't even feel like the same franchise to me anymore.
  6. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I love the droopy "5" the Packers use.
  7. I absolutely loved the colors and uniqueness of the thrashers asymmetry. The islanders color scheme was great too and resulted in an actual logo. I would've preferred the shoulder logo to be the primary. I admit the wavy numbers were a bit over the top, but for the time these debuted I loved them. Wish they stuck around longer.
  8. I will most certainly continue to share my thoughts. Also you keep saying I'm upset, I'm far from it actually, so are you just accusing me of being so because I'm a girl? I wonder if you describe all members of this board as being "upset" when you start rifts with them.
  9. I was unaware I had to state an "extremely detailed position" for a nonsensical wish in a silly thread, but I can see I really ruffled your feathers. And don't tell me what to do, I'm not going to just turn off my notifications because of some easily triggered member.
  10. You offered absolutely zero context as to why it's "better". Hence your comment had zero merit. If that's your brand of "discussion" I wouldn't bother.
  11. Bring this back, if anything recolor it to match the blue/yellow but I will never understand the love for the clipart crossed swords.
  12. Only prediction I'll make because I stopped watching baseball. The Yankees will not make the playoffs.
  13. All that muddled navy blue and ugly wishbone C logo. I really wish they'd lighten up their color scheme a bit and bring their logo into the 21st century.
  14. I think the dark is a nice modern touch. I'm enjoying seeing these new shades of grey for road uniforms. I wish the Blue Jays dark greys had stuck around longer before the retro redesign.
  15. I like these, I've always wanted to see alternate red and white caps.
  16. See, that's a beautiful color combination and not currently used in the NHL. Apply those colors to an updated workmark logo and put this on the shoulders and I think you instantly have a Top 5 look.