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  1. Feet look awkward. maybe both feet face forward.
  2. photomrk

    Ram Logo

    Combining existing ram logo with Kevin Demoff's recent twitter.
  3. Nice concept. I tried the same idea of old/new in march 2017 https://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/111073-la-rams-logo/?tab=comments#comment-2732209
  4. Love the name and the logo. Was working the "otter" image myself. Here's my take.
  5. Final update: I think this logo stays true to the current logo while changing it just enough for a little of the ram head logo used in the 60's. It also maintains the simple blue and white color scheme the team is returning to.
  6. Here is the current, two color logo along with two concepts. One uses an outline, the other without.
  7. photomrk

    LA Rams Logo

    With the Rams returning to L.A. and now gradually changing their uniforms to remove the gold color by 2019, perhaps their current logo could use some inspiration from their past one.
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