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  1. Love the Timbers kits and Widmer Brewing collaboration. Well done! #RCTID Actually this whole concept series has been fantastic!
  2. Very very very nicely done! Class mate!
  3. Nice start with the MLS x Brewery kit concept series. You cannot make that Atlanta United kit any better really. Looking forward to this concept series. So much good craft beer breweries throughout USA and Canada. Question though: will you be ranking the breweries in this concept thread too based on the beer?
  4. Thanks for the nice team previews and jerseys. Those yellow jerseys will be amazing to see on in person on the riders. Always look forward to the Tour each and every year!
  5. That second version of the third kit is very nice (hard saying being an Arsenal supporter :P). The away kit reminds me of the France kit from the 2018 World Cup.
  6. 1. Badge is good overall except you need to properly align the stars somehow around the anchor - just looks disjointed. 2. The kits look good - a nice nod to the Revolution but slightly separating themselves between the two clubs. 3. Ever thought of putting the 1st Rhode Island Regiment flag as the neck tag above the adidas logo. Then use the ribbon banner above the anchor as the rear collar tag (cleaner). When is the USL RI club forming?
  7. I still believe that UEFA will still vote against it, and if required, not participate in this proposed new Club World Cup if Infantino/FIFA go through with this. I know the Gulf State of Qatar is supposedly bank rolling a massive amount of money for this revised tournament but the ECA (European Clubs Association) and UEFA are both against it.
  8. That looks good, like the simplicity of it. I was wondering how you designed the circular bracket from scratch. I have been trying to design one from scratch for the Women's World Cup but I can't figure out how to start. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Those kits are looking pretty amazing. Very nice and simple tournament logo. I think an Continent (Confederations) Cup would be a good thought with all the best footballer from all six federations getting together for a fabulous tournament. FIFA could arrange the tournament like a Socceraid type tournament where people can donate money towards a charity to help the world. Where the best players can get together to have fun, show off and raise alot of money for something good in the world. Just too bad Infantino wants to abolish the Confederations Cup and Club World Cup, replacing it with a FIFA Nations League once every four years (24 clubs).The amount of football is increasing which is great for us supporters but there will come a breaking point for the players. Currently the top players are only getting between 3-4 weeks off between seasons due to club and country commitments. Great work nonetheless mccrosby
  10. I am liking the hexagon background to the hornet. But I would suggest shading the background color of the hexagon three shades or more darker than the nornet to make the hornet pop out. Great nonetheless.
  11. Really wish you would continue with this series when you have some free time. All the best mate! This is quality work.
  12. Really wish you would continue with this series when you have some free time. All the best mate! This is quality work.
  13. I am in love with that Canberra United badge redesign. So much better! Reminded me of the Northern Lights club you did in the CPL redesign series. As for the New A-League rebranding series - since you did the CPL, I was hoping you would do another association soon.
  14. Thanks @officeglenn - you're a saint and a hero!
  15. The four best third placed teams get berths into the Round of 16 with Group winners and runner-ups. It would be easy to put them into the circular bracket based on the table below. Third-placed teams qualify from groups 1A vs 1B vs 1C vs 1D vs A B C D 3C 3D 3A 3B A B C E 3C 3A 3B 3E A B C F 3C 3A 3B 3F A B D E 3D 3A 3B 3E A B D F 3D 3A 3B 3F A B E F 3E 3A 3B 3F A C D E 3C 3D 3A 3E A C D F 3C 3D 3A 3F A C E F 3C 3A 3F 3E A D E F 3D 3A 3F 3E B C D E 3C 3D 3B 3E B C D F 3C 3D 3B 3F B C E F 3E 3C 3B 3F B D E F 3E 3D 3B 3F C D E F 3C 3D 3F 3E
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