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  1. Love the Timbers kits and Widmer Brewing collaboration. Well done! #RCTID Actually this whole concept series has been fantastic!
  2. Very very very nicely done! Class mate!
  3. Nice start with the MLS x Brewery kit concept series. You cannot make that Atlanta United kit any better really. Looking forward to this concept series. So much good craft beer breweries throughout USA and Canada. Question though: will you be ranking the breweries in this concept thread too based on the beer?
  4. Thanks for the nice team previews and jerseys. Those yellow jerseys will be amazing to see on in person on the riders. Always look forward to the Tour each and every year!
  5. That second version of the third kit is very nice (hard saying being an Arsenal supporter :P). The away kit reminds me of the France kit from the 2018 World Cup.
  6. 1. Badge is good overall except you need to properly align the stars somehow around the anchor - just looks disjointed. 2. The kits look good - a nice nod to the Revolution but slightly separating themselves between the two clubs. 3. Ever thought of putting the 1st Rhode Island Regiment flag as the neck tag above the adidas logo. Then use the ribbon banner above the anchor as the rear collar tag (cleaner). When is the USL RI club forming?
  7. I still believe that UEFA will still vote against it, and if required, not participate in this proposed new Club World Cup if Infantino/FIFA go through with this. I know the Gulf State of Qatar is supposedly bank rolling a massive amount of money for this revised tournament but the ECA (European Clubs Association) and UEFA are both against it.
  8. That looks good, like the simplicity of it. I was wondering how you designed the circular bracket from scratch. I have been trying to design one from scratch for the Women's World Cup but I can't figure out how to start. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Those kits are looking pretty amazing. Very nice and simple tournament logo. I think an Continent (Confederations) Cup would be a good thought with all the best footballer from all six federations getting together for a fabulous tournament. FIFA could arrange the tournament like a Socceraid type tournament where people can donate money towards a charity to help the world. Where the best players can get together to have fun, show off and raise alot of money for something good in the world. Just too bad Infantino wants to abolish the Confederations Cup and Club World Cup, replacing it with a FIFA Nations League once every four years (24 clubs).The amount of football is increasing which is great for us supporters but there will come a breaking point for the players. Currently the top players are only getting between 3-4 weeks off between seasons due to club and country commitments. Great work nonetheless mccrosby
  10. I am liking the hexagon background to the hornet. But I would suggest shading the background color of the hexagon three shades or more darker than the nornet to make the hornet pop out. Great nonetheless.
  11. Really wish you would continue with this series when you have some free time. All the best mate! This is quality work.
  12. Really wish you would continue with this series when you have some free time. All the best mate! This is quality work.
  13. I am in love with that Canberra United badge redesign. So much better! Reminded me of the Northern Lights club you did in the CPL redesign series. As for the New A-League rebranding series - since you did the CPL, I was hoping you would do another association soon.
  14. Thanks @officeglenn - you're a saint and a hero!
  15. The four best third placed teams get berths into the Round of 16 with Group winners and runner-ups. It would be easy to put them into the circular bracket based on the table below. Third-placed teams qualify from groups 1A vs 1B vs 1C vs 1D vs A B C D 3C 3D 3A 3B A B C E 3C 3A 3B 3E A B C F 3C 3A 3B 3F A B D E 3D 3A 3B 3E A B D F 3D 3A 3B 3F A B E F 3E 3A 3B 3F A C D E 3C 3D 3A 3E A C D F 3C 3D 3A 3F A C E F 3C 3A 3F 3E A D E F 3D 3A 3F 3E B C D E 3C 3D 3B 3E B C D F 3C 3D 3B 3F B C E F 3E 3C 3B 3F B D E F 3E 3D 3B 3F C D E F 3C 3D 3F 3E
  16. I know the Women's World Cup is only 24 teams vice the Men's World Cup is 32 teams which would affect your layout for the World Cup bracket. Sorry for making your job harder mate.
  17. Hi. I was wondering if you will be doing a circular bracket for the 2019 Fifa Women's World Cup with it kicking off on Friday. Fingers crossed you can. If you are too busy for the Women's World Cup, any chance I can get the template for the 2018 World Cup you used. Thanks a ton and great work on all your circular brackets. Cheers!
  18. Favorite names 1. Victoria Grays FC 2. Boreal Thunder Bay Favorite badges 1. Victoria Grays FC 2. Boreal Thunder Bay 3. Alaska FC 4. Nickel City FC Great concept series mate! This west coast Canadian who is so excited to see the CPL come to fruition in less than 2 months from now is urning for what the CPL can become from what I have seen. Keep up the great work.
  19. That Victoria Grays logo is a thing of beauty. Gray whales being the most populated whales in the BC coastline. But the main thing the owners of Pacific FC was trying to accomplish was creating a club for all of Vancouver Island not just Victoria. Plus all Pacific FC home matches are being played in Langford (about 10 km outside Victoria in a suburb called Westshore). Hence bringing the club to all of Vancouver Island.
  20. This layout is so much better and cleaner. As for having a back version of the shorts, really no point with Adidas putting the three stripes back on the front. What layer issues are you having? Looking forward to the final product
  21. Very good series with the CPL rebrand/expansion. Living in British Columbia, when it was announced that Victoria was getting a CPL club I was amazed and awestruck. I was at the branding meetings between us supporter group members, league and club owners (Josh Simpson, Rob Friend and Dean Shillington). I was at the badge launch last July and I actually love the primary badge.Tthe secondary badge (roundel with trident) is nice too and there are rumors that the club will be transitioning to the secondary badge in a few seasons (but not confirmed). I lived in St. John's for two years and have to say you caught the essence of the St. John's, NL - a true "townie' experience. Zero rumors of another Eastern Canadian club Liking both the Quebec City and Regina concepts. Alex Bunbury (ex-Canadian men's national team member and Montreal Impact player) is expected to have an announcement sometime in March 2019 that a CPL expansion club is expected to play in 2020 in either Montreal or Laval. As for a CPL club in Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Soccer has said that there are developments of a CPL club ownership group forming with a club playing in Saskatoon or Regina. Possible announcement in May 2019. I am big fan of both the FC Edmonton and Forge FC badges. So much better than the ones the clubs have now. Wish they went in this direction like you did. There are still options for a lower mainland-BC (Surrey, Langley, Chilliwack) or interior BC (Kelowna) club being formed and playing in the coming years. Trying to find a suitable playing stada and not interfere with Whitecaps sphere of influence. Also heard that a group of investors are looking at setting up a temporary stadium in Stanley Park downtown Vancouver for a Vancouver CPL club. Unknown about timelines for any other club in BC. Would be alot of fun for Pacific FC to have a derby. Keep up he great work mate!
  22. I know I am late to the ballgame here by Raysox this is music to my ears with your new kit template. I have been using your last kit template since you released it over three years ago for all my football concepts and personal social media graphics. The outer kit lines would be nice between 2 to 4px. I am very impressed with the multiuse of both the Nike and Adidas kit templates you are developing. I am very much looking forward to seeing the shirt back, shorts and socks you are developing. Are you going to create different collars or just the basic ones for 2019 Adidas/Nike kits? Any chance you can develop a boot template to be used with the kit template? Something to allow for easy transition between the boots and the bottom of the socks? Maybe to use the basic boot manufacturers of Nike, Adidas, Puma. Just a thought. I would definitely like to be part of the initial test group for the kit templates and give you valuable feedback on it to create the perfect template. Let me know Raysox.
  23. Raysox this is an AMAZING concept series. Being from Canada, we have hockey then curling with respect to winter sports. I am loving the branding of the Bonspiel series, love the simplistic colours and layout of the sheets. This is definitely going to be a good series to follow. As for your best State for the US Brier, it would have to be Maine's. That lighthouse technical top and lobster pullover is pure class. Keep it up.
  24. So my opinions on the updates so far (Canadian football supporter living in a city that has a CPL club): Cavalry FC - I actually like the monochrome badge in its form and there was no real need to expand on the chevrons due to its meaning. I am liking the kits, especially the camouflage to a tie to the military connection (7/10) York 9 FC - Nicely done on badge and kits. No real change from the current visions of the club (7/10) Forge FC - I am a huge fan of the new badge (much better than the current one) and the use of yellow and black vice spark orange is much much better fit. The kits look amazing (8.5/10) Valour FC - I do understand you were trying to go for the Victoria Cross for the logo, I myself like that direction and using the second variant you made for them. As for kits, not a fan of the chevron what stalks on the home and the clash kits is a nod toward the Winnipeg Jets. This should be about a club and a league trying to create it's own identity away from current marketing gimmicks. (6/10) FC Edmonton - Big fan of the new FCE badge and loving the kits, especially the Drillers clash kit (I grew up in Edmonton and my family went to Drillers and Brickman games all the time). (7/10) Looking forward to the remaining two clubs, Halifax Wanderers FC and Pacific FC. Keep up the great work!
  25. I would definitely be up for either Champions League or defunt countries (almost an Annexed World Cup)