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  1. Not sure how much weight or stock to put into this, but the Rays' social media has recently started to roll out very yellow-based graphics. Could this be hinting at something or is it just a fresh graphical theme for the end of the season?
  2. So the Rays wore their rainbow gradient throwbacks last night and will wear them three more times this season. With them playing the Diamondbacks in May, why didn't anyone think of having a 1998 expansion team throwback night? I'd love to see the rainbows be worn against the D-backs road pinstripes. Missed opportunity.
  3. I've got a feeling that Texas might be willing to make a somewhat significant change. With Beltre retiring, a lot of young guys coming up, and a new ballpark, they seem to be in the perfect spot to overhaul.
  4. Not to also mention that Milwaukee's AAA affiliate, the Colorado Springs Sky Sox, are moving to San Antonio, taking over the Missions identity as a AAA team, while the Missions franchise is moving to Amarillo and remaining as a AA team. So essentially, the San Antonio Missions are being elevated to AAA.
  5. Let's apply it to other sports... Green Bay Eleven Golden State Five Edmonton Six
  6. If you count Wikipedia as a credible source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Tampa_Bay_Rays Other than that, I think I remember the TB Times back in '08 mentioning the names that were considered in their article about the name change. I can't find any online articles from them (even though it wasn't the TB Times back then) regarding the name change, but I definitely remember some article about it back in the day.
  7. Back in 08 when the Rays removed the "Devil" from their name, they were considering changing their name completely. The names that were considered include: - Cannons - Aces - Bandits - Dukes - Stripes and the worst of them all... - Nine The owner, Stu Sternberg, actually really liked Nine and tried to get it to stick, but thank God that didn't work out.
  8. Abilene Christian Wildcats Western Carolina Catamounts
  9. I have to agree with you on Miller Park. Having been to almost majority of all current roofed MLB parks, it was honestly my favorite of them and one of my favorite MLB ballparks in general. There's much more to it than just its looks. It had a great crowd atmosphere, the best of any domed/roofed park I've been to. It truly felt like the home of baseball team not just a warehouse.
  10. How about Darrelle Revis as a Buc? Seeing pictures of the old Bucs uniforms make me realize how sorely they are missed. They weren't anything too special at the time, but just due to their predecessor, they're somewhat of a modern classic in my eyes.
  11. evoquik

    MLB by NIKE

    If the MLB doesn't like the Chief Wahoo imagery they most definitely wouldn't be okay with "injun" being anywhere near a uniform. Anyways, I love the Cleveland look especially the navy pants. The idea of colored pants shouldn't be as taboo as it is in the sport.
  12. With Souza getting traded to Arizona and the other moves the Rays have made over the weekend, not only will they be looking sharp in their Devil Rays throwbacks, but they'll be playing just like the Devil Rays.
  13. The only reason that the Tiger's logo looks massive is because we've been used to the tiny one for decades now. It doesn't help to look at the old and new caps side-by-side, that only emphasizes the change. Place the new cap next to practically any other cap in the league, and it'll show that the size is perfectly fine and consistent with the rest of the league.
  14. Ah you're right, I didn't notice that. There does appear to be definitely green and what looks to be purple thread in that picture as well, so possibly a mashup of eras?
  15. Looks like we'll be seeing something new from the Rays tomorrow. Looks to be a throwback hat/uniform to the 1998 original Devil Rays look.