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  1. I wonder why people don't seem to remark on the resemblance between the Niners and Chiefs' logos...
  2. What kinds of names would players come up with?
  3. Is it me or is the Commissioner's Trophy ridiculously easy to damage? Seems like it gets broken a lot.
  4. For years I had a vague fondness for the Braves given their ties to Ted Turner, the man who gave us Cartoon Network and Boomerang. I really liked the Turner networks in general before Time Warner ruined them. I mean, we were just barely spared a Yankees-Dodgers World Series in 2017, be glad we won't be getting that this year either.
  5. I am autistic, and I'm glad to see things like this happening. I only wish I'd grown up in the more accommodating world that we seem to be working towards now.
  6. Doesn't this bring Chris Paul full-circle too?
  7. The Blues have probably my favorite logo in the NHL, and the Bruins' whole look is gorgeous itself. What a matchup, from an aesthetic standpoint!
  8. They wouldn't have any problems with a name if they had gone with "Larks" like they were going to - or if there were no NBA Rockets.
  9. Bugs works there! I guess he got tired of his bosses...
  10. ITC Benguiat Bold Italic
  11. I wonder how Michael Doret would feel about that...
  12. I don't live in Seattle, but I always really liked the older version of KING's logo:
  13. G. Dean Smith All five of the old-line ABC O&O stations (WABC New York, KABC Los Angeles, WLS Chicago, KGO San Francisco, WXYZ Detroit) used it, and there was a time when it was actually the official logo for the ABC Owned Television Stations division.
  14. Our local station logos have seen better days...
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