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  1. Hamilton is a possibility, Toronto can support two franchises. So I wanted to go with an old school look with a straight forward logo. The feel of an old franchise and an old school look. The logo, simple and straight forward, but looking right at you.
  2. Looking for another team in the west, I looked to New Orleans. I know it's an unlikely choice, but I did think it was a great concept to go with. I decided on the New Orleans Voodoo. Celebrating the rich history of the area and something that is truly unique to the bayou. I wanted the main logo to be the witch doctor and a voodoo doll to be the second logo. Both of which, embrace the use of the hockey stick as an accessory.
  3. When the sonics left to become the Thunder, city representatives asked them to choose a new name. In the hopes they get another franchise one day, they could use the name again.
  4. @seancarter I saw that was a popular minor league team and popular choice around there. So I completely understand why you would say that. But I felt like going this route. I do think if it was going to happen. I'd recommend Wranglers and Aeros going in a fan poll and see what the fans want. For design and when I do NHL, I felt like doing something different. Thanks for the Reply
  5. HOUSTON WRANGLERS Houston apparently has come up a lot in possible cities for the NHL, and the arena the Rockets play in is hockey ready. I figured since this was the 4th team in the city, that I should try and follow a theme. Two of the teams are space related, the third is more farming related, embracing the rich cattle and farming history of the state. I decided the fourth team should choose that history as well, to put it in the same field as the Texans. This team would be the Houston Wranglers. Black, Orange, and an off white seemed perfect for the team. The text is the old Western style font. But nothing on the shoulders here, the only ting that would make sense would be something Texas related. But all the models I tried looked too much like the Dallas Stars, the hopeful eventual rival of this team.
  6. PORTLAND LUMBERJACKS Portland seems like a logical backup plan for the NHL. It would create another team in the Northwest that would hopefully become rivals with the Canucks. They could put the team in the same arena as the Trail Blazers. On top of that, the city has shown they are consistent when it comes to embracing franchises and becoming very passionate. The logical choice seemed to be the Lumberjacks, celebrating the history of the timber industry, in a similar fashion to the Portland Timber of the MLS.
  7. SEATTLE METROPOLITANS The font for the names and the franchise is the same as the famous public market that everyone goes to in Seattle. The logo is the famous Space Needle, Mt. Rainier is behind it, on the top of a puck. With the skyline of the city going around the side edge. I figured since they are Metropolitans, the cities metropolis must be embraced in the logo.
  8. With the NHL expanding to Las Vegas, it seems like it's only a matter of time until they add a 32nd team. It also seems that the popular expansion mode in NBA 2k17 will be added to NHL 18, with the ability to create and manage your own expansion franchise. This is enjoyable as is making up a team design in general. So I'll post a couple of cities, but to start here are three teams.
  9. I posted this team before, but as many pointed out, I did something wrong with my logo and wanted to give it another shot. In that post, someone pointed out it would be best to do one post for all. So that's what the plan is, for the time being, I'm just posting the Vancouver Mounties. And plan to add at least one maybe two more teams that I did in the game. The entire theme with this team is to be Western Canada's team. The East can pull for the Raptors, but the Mounties can have the Western half. One campaign that popped into my head, Mounties always get their win. Obviously, you can't do that in the first couple of seasons, but it would work, so I posted that text just to give a cool look. Hope you all enjoy. Please feel free to let me know what you think.
  10. I'm trying to take this post down. So I can correct it. But I don't see how. And Dan O' Mac, when I made this it was photoshop, because I knew that better than illustrator. I made the basketball in a separate file. As large as possible, so I could shrink it to any size. Then the rest I drew as shapes, at their current size. That's why the ball looks clearer than the rest.
  11. panthers_2012, this is something I was concerned about. Obviously I need to change the logo. Does anyone have a recommendation for a place to study face styles for logos. I seem to be making them all the same.
  12. Coco1997. I was only going to post one more basketball logo. Should I post that one separate? And is creating a thread in the same place. I only ask, because I'm new to this and I get there's already an existing etiquette and I'd like to get on board with that.
  13. That's good advice. I choose a Western Font, but I get you saying it's not Western enough. I thought it was wanted poster-esq. When you say the font movement. You're 100% right, everything is moving forward and the font should be the same. Is it as simple as italicizing the font? Maybe leaning it forward? Or do you have another suggestion? I'd appreciate any advice you could give.
  14. Cool, thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.
  15. There's also a white border going around the circle of the logo. But I can't make that evident in the pictures I post on this site, I tried making it with an alpha background. If anyone has a recommendation I'd truly appreciate it. Currently I'm thinking the best think to do, is just put a color background.
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