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  1. Texas A&M in their throwbacks looks great against Kentucky’s white-white-blue set. Very aesthetically pleasing.
  2. This would look so much better if they incorporated powder blue. Maybe with the striping. Powdered blue would look a lot better against the scarlet and black of TTU than cardinal red does. Even some navy could’ve looked cool.
  3. Wow it is kind of crazy that the reds look kind of close ? Indiana should just use that candy stripe jersey as the home and make a road version that’s the inverse for away. It gives them an identity
  4. Tennessee’s color of orange is so unique and recognizable that you know it’s Tennessee when you see a white helmet, a volunteer orange jersey, and white pants. Checkerboard made it better, but the new uniform design without it will still look just fine.
  5. The grey and cherry uniform combination is an excellent look. I’m glad temple didn’t try to go mono grey with that look. They should just make that grey and cherry there normal alternate uniform. The set as a whole is awesome to me. It’s up there with Virginia for the best new uniform set. It’s unique, modern, and clean plus the alternate is not just a cookie cutter “blackout” one. Correction: they did show off a mono grey look, I just didn’t look at enough images.
  6. These ones. I remember them being in the NCAA 14 video game.
  7. Wow these gold uniforms for Iowa state look way better than the old highlighter uniforms they used to have. These would actually be dope. Maybe they’ll add all three of these uniform pieces because it would make all of the uniforms look excellent (besides the black, which could actually give them an Iowa uniform combination with the black helmet, jersey, and gold pants ?)
  8. Excellent job with the color balanced and striping consistency. I also really like the placement of the tree and the incorporation of it. It’s very minimal and I like the tree that way. I think a green alternate might look kind of cool with a white helmet and pants. I’d add it. These look like uniforms that a champion would wear instead of those patriot uniforms right now
  9. Is it just me or did Illinois change it’s shade of orange ?
  10. Columbus Ohio and mapfre stadium could House a team
  11. I feel like the release of the Minnesota uniforms really overshadowed how great this Virginia Uniform set is. It deserves a lot of praise. If they add a Navy helmet and a white helmet that both have the double stripe motif the set will be golden. These uniforms are beautiful, and like many people have said, it would’ve looked great if Arizona would’ve done this (imagine the orange replaced with red and you got a solid Arizona look). Here’s a possible combination list that I’d like to see Helmet Jersey Pants White Navy White (home) White White Navy (Away) White White White Navy White Navy White Orange White (possibly a throwback helmet) Navy Orange Navy white Navy Navy (for a big home night game)
  12. Minnesota’s new uniforms have a few decent combinations with this set. Helmet jersey pants maroon white maroon (best away set) White Maroon White (best home set) maroon white Gold white White White Maroon white White white White Maroon maroon maroon white (average look) the only decent look possible with the chrome helmet is Chrome helmet white jersey and maroon pants. There is some good in these uniforms, overall they just made some bad decisions. Why not have gold collars with the maroon jersey?
  13. You’re making good progress on the logo, I’m going to agree with the others and say that a full bird logo could be cool
  14. You should definitely do color rushed pro bowl uniforms grat job on both teams. I have to disagree with the lions unis tho. I love their new identity and the all grey uniforms are a great color rush set. Great at job on the Vikings. I feel it’s hard to pull off a great yellow uniform, but you executed it well