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  1. Does anyone know if a high quality photo of the logo exists anywhere? All my Google results are showing deviations of the design.
  2. Does anyone know the history of the White Sox logo located in the right of this photo? I noticed that this particular "Flying Sock" was not included in the team's page on Is there a reason for that? Was it not once an official design of the White Sox?
  3. Thanks for all of your responses! These are some great photos and resources.
  4. I'm quite intrigued by this logo that is included on the St. Louis Browns' page. Does anyone know what the team used the logo on? Was it featured on sleeve patches or programs or caps? Are there any old photos that include the design? I tried several searches on Google Images, but sadly didn't find much.
  5. Which notch are you specifically talking about? I'm trying to figure out the difference, but seem to need a little assistance haha.
  6. Yeah that was the article I was looking for. Thanks for sharing! Do you by any chance know if the Dodgers Cooperstown cap that is being sold by 47 fits the characteristics of the logo that was used by the team in their later years? To my untrained eyes they do, but I thought a logo expert would know better.
  7. Does anyone know where I can find the piece written by Chris Creamer about the accuracy of the Brooklyn Dodgers logo on caps that are being sold nowadays? I was having some trouble locating it. I'd appreciate the help!