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  1. 2-1 so far in the City Connect series (Boston's got the dud). I'm looking forward for the Dodgers one in August (please be good).
  2. *reads thread title* Yeesh, glad my team settled that before the other teams do.
  3. "BrAdY CaN't WiN WiThoUt hIs FoRmEr tEaM!" Erased from existence this take has.
  4. I do miss the Mets black uniform alternative. I once owned the black cap.
  5. As a Rams fan, I cannot hate the Seahawks because of one man: Pete Carroll That's because I'm a USC fan who was overjoyed to see Carroll coaching the Trojans during the 2000s. Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, and Mark Sanchez. My hated vote goes to the 49ers.
  6. I wonder if the Dodgers are going to have a gold insignia cap. Much like the previous winners before.
  7. FINALLY, a WS title in my lifetime.
  8. That looks good. If there's a city edition hat I'm so buying it.
  9. The stadium looks very beautiful. I'm definitely going to a game next year. But yeah Rams away unis is pure garbage. Chargers uniforms both home and away are nice.
  10. All of these soccer leagues returning. And I'm like: "are you coming along too MLS?"
  11. Apologizes if this has been posted. I would like the Rams to put on blue or yellow pants for the away uniforms. As bone on bone is plain boring to me. source: LA Rams subreddit
  12. I was planning to go to Dodger games this season. Haven't bought tickets but I was planning on buying them late March. The games were April 29 (vs Twins) and May 23 (vs Indians). It's clear I won't see these games in person now.
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