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  1. Would you be able to find an image of it. I'm interested.
  2. Not that I've heard of, which is a real shame considering the current flag.
  3. That is very true. It was a noble attempt at unifying the state flags and while I prefer most of them to their current versions it was a bit of a flop.
  4. My favourite is the first. The 16th looks way to similar to the redesigned flag of Kentucky (shown below) by Bressler in their United We Stand project.
  5. I'm finding myself really liking that. I'm just curious as to whether those rings are all interconnected (you couldn't pull them apart). Earlier on we mentioned the 'Flag of Earth'. I've found the website for the flag, including a video explaining the design. Also, the rings are all interconnected.
  6. Gosh, you sure are a fast worker! Looks great! The Cup is fine either way. The original way does look more vintage like you said, the connected way looks more . . . connected. I tried zooming out and it is still very recognisable. On the jersey the leaves look very layered and seem to pop out, which I really like. I'm so happy you did decide to come back to this. It turned out really well. Thanks so much.
  7. I personally prefer the top jersey. The top logo looks cool but would be completely messed up on the jersey unless you changed the colour of the outlines from black to white depending on if the logo is on what colour background the logo is on. A few tweaks that I would suggest is to extend Lord Stanley's to the bottom of the shield, as well as the windows on the peace tower to the bottom of the cut-out part of the 'O'. Also noticing that some of the lines don't meet up properly but that's probably just because of the software. The only one that's really bothering me is one that I think you should be able to solve really easily: at the top of the Peace Tower, just right of the flag pole there's a part that sticks up a bit. Keep up the great work.
  8. I always really liked the idea behind this logo. I do think the Sens should throw the peace tower in the 'O'. The two main things that are bothering me is how pixelated the maple leaf ring is and that the maple leaves in the ring don't match up the ones in the shield. Another thing that might help is if you make the shield not come out of the 'O' in such a harsh way. I'm so glad you're coming back to this though.
  9. For those of you who prefer the classic logo I made a version of that too. I rounded it off to look less abrupt and more like an Igloo.
  10. Hello all, This is my first concept on the boards. I made this one quite a while ago, but have not decided to post it until now. I'm not very tech savvy and so just used Google Drawings to make this and so it doesn't all line up quite the way I'd like. As the name 'Nordiques' means 'northerners', I decided to play off that and make it the shape of a compass. The fleur-de-lis represents the province of Quebec and also helps form the tip of the compass. The red border of the compass forms the shape of the letter 'Q' for Quebec. The 'N' and the 'Q' in the logo are quite helpful for making a wordmark, especially since in french the team is 'Les Nordiques de Qu├ębec' (the 'N' before the 'Q')
  11. I've found that a lot of the Canada 150 logo concepts I've seen are trying to hard to be as good as the Centennial Logo and that the designs are lacking and are all looking very similar because of it. For what you have now, I'd suggest ditching the shield and adding more shapes to the maple leaf (they could all be triangles if you like, but they definitely don't need to be). Just let your creative juices flow and don't let yourself be limited by the Centennial logo.
  12. I really like both the aqua and the lime colour schemes. I would really like to see them go with the lime one to add unity to the Seattle sports teams and I think it would especially bring some energy to the Mariners brand compared to their really bland current colour scheme.
  13. Cool, should be fun. Generally you should wait to start the topic until you are ready to post a concept, though. Looking forward to it.
  14. Edmonton looks great! I especially like the look of the beaver and the intricacy of the latticed marigold. The one thing that's bothering me is the inconsistency between the wings which have a background, and the beaver that doesn't.
  15. I really like that Calgary set! I especially think that the recoloured Calgary logo works especially. I'm not sure you need the second shade of red, as I can only spot it in one location and I think it would look just as good with the main red. Great work!