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  1. Made ‘em myself. All except for the helmet in profile, which Fraser Davidson released as a freebie a while ago.
  2. Here comes the presentation! I'll be posting on here one division at a time. But I post each team on my Instagram page once I finish it, so follow @natesweitzer if you don't want to wait. First off, the NFC North.
  3. Yeah as it turns out, THE @oldschoolvikings is my 3D Concepts teacher. We’re gonna have a lot to talk about in class next Wednesday.
  4. Here's a quick update to the Bills. New numbering font to match the wordmark. Sleeker logo that's less of a departure from their current. I'm not sure that this logo's a finished product yet so I'd love to hear some C+C on that especially.
  5. I keep ‘em fuzzy so they’re a little harder to steal.
  6. You know what, you’re right. After looking at it for awhile, I kinda like it better than my original concept. I’d be curious to hear other’s opinions.
  7. Hey guys. I figured I'd post a couple of minor updates as I work on the final presentation. First, I created a stronger wordmark for KC, based off the custom number font. I also made the logo a little bolder. I applied the unique sleeve striping I built the Dolphins to the socks (they had the triple stripe before). Now all horizontal striping matches, and all vertical striping matches. Finally, here's a creamsicle version of my Bucs concept. Just for fun!
  8. I should have a couple minor updates over the next few weeks. I’m working on putting together a big 3d presentation to finish it off. No telling when that’ll be done though. I’ll try to throw up some alternate takes or something in the meantime.
  9. Looks great! It’s cool how the double stripe and font style play off each other.
  10. I'd probably use those black numbers on the road uniforms. Black with the orange accents is a much stronger look than the orange with black, IMO. Looks solid either way, though!
  11. That’s a clean look for the Jets. Reminds me of Wazzu. Lots of subtle improvements here. Good work.
  12. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I'll be going back and tying up a few loose ends over the next couple weeks. First, an update to the Bears. I made the mistake of trying to reinvent the wheel with my hometown team when in reality they'd be better off with some subtle streamlining and modernization. For the primary logo, I updated their classic Bear logo. I never really realized how much of a mess it was until I looked at it this closely. I really wanted to slap this bad boy on the helmets, but there's no replacing the wishbone C. I made the decision remove the C's white stroke, and did the same for the sleeve stripes. This gives the identity more of a 'Monsters of the Midway' vibe, which honors tradition while still feeling fresh. I kept the 1936 throwback as an alternate. I really love those shoulder stripes, even if they're a little too much for a full-time look. Let me know what you think!
  13. Just to clear space for the bell. But I've never been a huge fan of hiding the first letter of the nickname in the logo. It can work with the first letter of the city, but it always felt redundant to me to have an eagle with a hidden 'E' or a falcon with a hidden 'F.'
  14. Wow. Huge upgrade. Clean and modern, but still fun enough to work for the Minors. It's crazy to me that some organizations willfully use such outdated logos, especially when there are so many designers out there that are more than capable of building great brands for them. Case in point. Would love to see some caps and unis!
  15. Yeah the face looked really flat without the cheekbone marks. Might be overkill but it gives the face some much-needed definition. As far as the wordmark goes, you're absolutely right. In all fairness, I put this together almost a year ago before it had been co-opted by every meat market in existence. As of this moment, I am actively searching for alternatives.
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