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  1. Thanks for the critique! I'll definitely try the changes out and there's a few changes I wanted to make as well... I lost my access to adobe about 8 teams into my NBA redesign project I was working on a few weeks ago, but should have it back soon.
  2. Figured what better time to put out my ideas for the Hawks then now... I tried tying together a few of their previous design elements while introducing peach to create a more unique color scheme
  3. Thanks for the feedback everybody! I'm not 100% happy with the overall design, but I'm going to let it sit for a bit while I figure out how to attack it and incorporate some of the suggested changes... My current energy is being focused on wrapping up my ideas for a couple of other teams. In the meantime, do you think this works as way to further distance the Wizard away from the white hat/kkk connotations? I was worried it would make the logo too red, but the more I look at it the less it bothers me.
  4. So here's the complete concept including uniforms and updated logos. The jersey template is based off of the awesome soccer template from @raysox I imagined the shoes & accessories could be mixed and matched for each uniform as well. I've got an alternate "city" jersey in the works that's pretty different from the rest of the set & I'm also working on completing some more teams that I've had some ideas for over the past few years. I'm hoping to do the entire NBA (maybe even all the major sports?!?) but my progress might be a little slow since I have a lot of creative outputs besides design.
  5. So here's the first update. Instead of a generic face I went ahead and based the new face off of the greatest Wizard of all time, Wes Unseld. I added a simplified version of the beard to that and tried fixing the general shape of the hat.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I thought of some bigger changes to the logo that I can hopefully knock out this week that will be addressing most of the issues... I've also started some jersey concepts that I'm excited about but I want to wait until I have the logos set.
  7. Oooph yeah I didn't think about that and hopefully it's not the first that pops into everyone's heads... Originally had the color scheme as a dark copper and a royal blue-ish/purple tone. I may revisit that, but felt I should stick to RWB for now since I doubt Leonsis would ever change it. I'm also not sure how I feel about adding a skin tone color to logos, I'd want to steer away from it but if it helps improve the design & reception I suppose I'd be all for it. Anyways I've been working on a secondary logo and have a few different concepts to toss out there to see what the consensus is, as it's been a bit divided amongst the few people I've asked so far. Thanks!
  8. Here's the logo with some minor fixes to the outline along with the wordmark. I used the font Scream as a base for the wordmark... I tried out using some more dungeons and dragons inspired fonts but it felt a bit cheesy, I think this is a better solution to invoking lightning bolts (spell casting?) and a fantasy element while also retaining a readable athletic aesthetic.
  9. Long time lurker, first post here! Anyways after about of decade of being out of graphic design (got my degree in college, never put it to any use) I've started working on an entire overhaul of my Washington Wizards (and possibly the entire NBA?!?)... I think the biggest problem with the team's current identity is their failure to embrace the wizard. The current logos are bland and uninspired; the Washington Monument doesn't scream wizard, nor does the forced patriotic color scheme. The callbacks to the Bullets just make fans wish for the old name & jerseys back. They need to change the perception of a wizard being a feeble old white guy into something a bit more fierce. Here's my first attempt at creating a wizard logo that players and fans wouldn't be ashamed of wearing. I also thought that darkening the color scheme would help the logo come off as a bit more mysterious. Critique and comments always welcome! I'm hoping to be able to post fairly regular updates with the amount of down time I have lately. Thanks!
  10. Those original TWolves and those Yellow Oakland A's pullovers are great! My vote for best underrated uniform would be the Florida Marlins sleeveless pinstripes (pinstripes make all baseball uniforms better) with the teal undershirt and hat.
  11. I think the new logos look great in just the navy and orange. The additional shades are a bit overkill and the cavalier can be a bit hard to read.
  12. Both are great looking bulldogs, but I think the neck on the 1st draft makes look a bit more muscular and fierce. I think the changes to the teeth look good though as well as the nose highlight.
  13. I gotta echo the sentiments on the Cards design, it's great and one of the best concepts incorporating grey.... also love that Bengals home concept!