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  1. Hey all! Here's a mockup I did for the UniWatch Challenge for redesigning the Tennessee Titans. The sleeve pattern comes from the Greek origin of a titan. I also wanted to incorporate the baby blue as no other NFL team really uses that color. Lastly, I went with the 1973 Houston Oilers throwback, mostly because of the one helmet rule. Let me know what you think! Jake Manternach
  2. The throwback and other jerseys look a billion times better with the full collar
  3. Probably not... I wanted to buy a Goff jersey, but I didn't want a jersey that is out of date in a few years
  4. The Rams stadium is now being delayed until 2020. I wonder if they will push back the release of their new uniforms and potential new logo.
  5. Overall, very very great work! While I tend to like more traditional, simple jerseys; I am a big fan of all the asymmetrical designs you created. 76ers: Not bad! I like the word mark on the front; however, it may be a tad too big. I also wonder what it would look like if the stripes on the shorts would continue on the jersey up to the pit and nix the striping along the collar and sleeve. Warriors: I'm not feeling this one too much. The number font is a little clunky with the points. I am not a fan of the "Washington Redskins-esque" arrows on the shorts. Nice start though! Nets: I like this a lot! The script is very nice; however, I think the "N" should be capitalized. The asymmetry is great! If the designs on the left had a little less width to them, the rest wouldn't feel as if it was getting pushed aside. Regardless, I still like this a lot! Knicks: BEAUTIFUL! I love these! Could white be added in some spots like the numbers or the NOB? Sure, but I think you still have an incredibly strong concept. Bucks: Also very nice! The only things I would change would be ditching the blue all together and not having "BUCKS" diagonal. Pelicans: Looks good to me! Miami: Great! I'm surprised how well these look without any black, mostly because of how prevalent the color is with their actual set. Timberwolves: I think these would work well. Don't know how I feel about the trees on the jersey as well as shorts because it would look like two trees set atop of one another. Houston: Love the rocket! Pacers: Some might say it's too simple or bland, but I like this design quite a bit. Chicago: I am all for the script font! I like the look a lot. I am not crazy on the side diamonds or the weight change with the shorts diamond. Thunder: Surprisingly, I like these. The asymmetry works well and I think it'd be neat to see the shorts and jersey together in a mock up. The wordmark for "Thunder" looks great. I would change the font for the NOB though because it gets a little tough to read. I like the addition of white in certain areas. Around the side stripes looks fantastic. I also like it around "Thunder." I would maybe drop the white around the numbers and the stripe around the collar and sleeves. Again, these are great concepts! Above are just personal opinions from someone who doesn't watch a ton of basketball. (I follow the NFL much more closely. Go Rams BTW) Hope this feedback helps and I can't wait to see more.
  6. I agree with Whitefoot, no pupil looks much more menacing!
  7. Call it blasphemous or an unpopular opinion, but I'm not a fan of the Blazer's logo as a sports logo... It's a nicely designed, modern, classic logo, but it just doesn't bode well with me as a logo of a professional sports team. The updated logo is much cleaner than the previous.
  8. I like the logo using the state of Arizona. I think you have a nice start going and looking forward to seeing a graphic made up! My main concern is the colors you plan on using. I made a super quick and crude mock up using your directions and I wonder if black is the best option.
  9. Thank you all for the kind words and the feedback. -I agree about the throwback logo, I just didn't know that it was common for teams to update their old logos. -Definitely will be updating the description parts, there's plenty of typos and grammatical errors. -The biggest reasons for the color changes were 1. To separate from the yellow used by Iowa and Iowa State. 2. That's the school's original school colors. However, you guys might be on to something by changing the gold slightly more yellow. -The whiskers were the hardest part for me when designing this. I'll see what I can do to change them up. Again, thank you all for the feedback. In the future, I plan to expand the redesign proposal to include uniform concepts and possibly include secondary logos.
  10. I love this logo. Simple, sleek, elegant. My only minor nit-pick is the rounded bump by the beaver's head. I don't see why it couldn't just be straightened out there.
  11. Hello! I'm brand new to the site and this is my first time ever redesigning a sports team's logo. For the most part, my redesign has been perceived very well, but I would love to hear constructive criticism, good or bad, in order to help me in the future. Thanks! Jake M.
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