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  1. Oceanian Association --------------------- Adelaide Pros Auckland Hammers Brisbane Thunder Canberra Crew Darwin Rovers Gold Coast Unit Melbourne Laurels Perth Rangers Sydney Armada Wellington Defenders
  2. United Kingdom Association -------------------------- Belfast Band Cardiff Wanderers Coventry Club Glasgow Highlanders Liverpool Lightning London Guards Manchester Machine Newcastle Cannons Oxford Athletic Sheffield Brawns
  3. Canadian Association --------------------- Calgary Stable Edmonton Progress Halifax Covey Hamilton Herd Montreal Mammoths Ottawa Invaders Quebec Voyageurs Saskatchewan Lakers Toronto Shield Vancouver Prospers Victoria Conquest Winnipeg Storm
  4. United States Association ------------------------- Atlanta Resurgence Boston Revolution Bay Area Sport Charlotte Dominion Chicago Strikers Columbus Union Dallas Texans Detroit Cavalry Honolulu Ohana Los Angeles Majors Miami Naturals New Jersey Giants New Orleans Legion New York Empire Philadelphia Brothers St. Louis Scouts Salt Lake City Swarm San Diego Surf Seattle Reign Virginia Warriors
  5. This is the National Zoneball League. Zoneball is a very simple game. It is a mixture of Rugby, Soccer, American Football and Australian Rules Football to a certain extent. The game is played in 45 minute halves, then the teams switch sides. There is only one objective to this game and that is to get the ball through the goal posts. There are no fouls. Literally anything goes. The only time there is a stoppage of play is when the ball goes out of bounds. Why Zoneball? There are 8 zones on each side of the field. Each one being worth a different point amount. The front middle zones are worth 2 points, the front end zones are worth 3 points. The back middle zones are worth 5 points and the back end zones are worth 7 points. If you kick it or throw it threw the goal posts from that zone then your team gets that many points. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. The neutral zone at mid field is where the two teams battle for the ball. Since you can not score unless you advance the ball past the neutral zone to the opposing zones, the battle in the neutral zone is an integral part of the game. Once again to reiterate, You can only score once you're team is in the opposing zones, the only stoppage of play is when the ball goes out of bounds, giving the other team a throw in. Each point value is determined by where you score, it doesn't matter how you score, just where you score from. There are no fouls. Anything goes. So far, The National Zoneball league is comprised of 4 associations: United States Association, United Kingdom Association, Canadian Association and Oceanian Association. Each Association has its own season, playoffs and champion. The champion of each association will then join together in a 4 team bracket to determine who is the true champion of the game. NZL Logo and Zoneball Field