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  1. Two more looks based on feedback form @vtgco and @Eastport76. I think the additional hem stripes add a bit more to the look, but could really take or leave the swapped logo treatment. I think it looks alright either way, but I'd love to hear y'alls thoughts.
  2. If Edmonton wants to keep the inspiration behind their new alternate, all is not lost. Throw some blocks of colour on the upper arms and we start to get something serviceable. The original:
  3. Any reason for the cream on the home? Swap that for white and this may be the most well executed CBJ Concept I’ve ever seen (tho I’d probably make the helmet logo a simple white outlined with red). something seems a little off with the alternate logo. Making the cannon larger and text smaller might get the job done. Either way those are both nitpicks. Great work!
  4. The Pens are my team, too. So I definitely understand the feeling. Kinda disgusted I even put it together. Glad you like it (even with the cringing) tho! I'll see what I can do. So far I'm focusing on rivalries and just going wherever inspiration strikes. Been working on a Wings/Avs but kinda hit a wall so I may give one of these a go. In the meantime, here's a 3D look at that original Ducks-Kings swap.
  5. Put together some 3D looks on a new temaplate that @Bpoe96 has graciously let me test drive. Let me know what you think!
  6. Made some adjustments and gave the designs a test run on a new 3D template (as designed by @Bpoe96) Let me know what you think! P.S. BPoe also helped with the shading on the Preds logo to give it a more vintage treatment, so thanks to him on that as well!
  7. I think the shaft is made of two hockey sticks. At least that would be my interpretation. Hate to sound like a broken record, but I’m not sold on the double red here either. Looks alright, but I’d be interested to see the maroon swapped out for the green we’ve seen the Devils use in the past
  8. Thanks guys! The idea for the captains patches came from the Texans having a star patch on their left arm and my desire to carry that over to the WC set, but give it some purpose. Figure'd I'd add one to Nashville to give the game a little unnecessary consistency. I'd probably have them operate like the patches the Rangers used in the 2018 WC, where the captains their "C" or "A" in the patch, bud I'd leave it blank for everyone else. Knew Dallas' pants would be a tough sell, but its a lot of green otherwise and I figured it'd be not too far a cry from a callback to the canvas pants and gloves of that era. Plus Vancouver has proven that it can work, provided its in small doses.
  9. The Winter Classic is the perfect time to throwback to the early days of a Franchise's identity. When you have two younger teams, however, this isn't as much of an option. So with the Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators set to do battle on Jan 1, 2020, what is one to do? Look even further back! This concept goes all the way back to the first hockey teams in each cities history. The Stars basing their look on the Dallas Texas of the 1940s and the Predators throwing back to a look inspired by the 1960s Nashville Dixie Flyers. Here's what the Texans rocked in their heyday... And the Dixie Flyers... We bring those looks into the modern day (with some team specific flair) for the 2020 Winter Classic (at least in COncept Land, anyway)...
  10. Black-maroon-sand, no question. One of the better colour-pallets in the NHL
  11. Double red/maroon is ambitious, but there’s just not enough contrast imo (especially on the road). I’d either bring black back or just go sand and maroon for all 3. The alt is an absolute beauty with that 2-colour scheme
  12. The team name is probably the Honolulu Mahi Mahi, hence Mahi ^ 2
  13. Go a little less star-crazy and take em off the hem, pants, and socks and you've got a real winner here that I wouldn't mind seeing hit the ice
  14. That's something I could certainly get behind, though it may break NHL rules. If I recall correctly, captain (and assistant captain) patches need to be on the front chest of the jersey. That's why Florida had to use the traditional A and C in addition to their special military-style arm bands. However, I may be entirely;y wrong in this