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  1. Thanks. That;s actually how I originally had them, but I adjusted it to better match the Denver flag (shown below) with two peaks, one on either side of the yellow number just as the sun of the flag sits between two red peaks outlined in white.
  2. The Colorado Avalanche Another flag-based alternate, this time a two for one. The chest pulls from the state flag of Colorado with simple chest stripe and a logo that meshes the original Colorado Rockies logo with the recent Avalanche update. The arms mimic the city flag of Denver with dual mountain peaks and yellow numbers reminiscent of the sun in the flag. Considering the current Avs colors are shades of blue and red, adopting a direct Colorado pride look seemed a small enough deviation to be realistic.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I'll take another look at it when I get the chance. Before then... The Dallas Stars The alternate for my hometown team takes heavy inspiration from their cup-winning set while elevating the often-neglected Texas-outline logo to prominence on the chest. The color hierarchy on the striping is inverted to better match the team's current identity. I know its not the most imaginative look in the world, but it felt a fitting homage to hockey's early success in the Lone Star State.
  4. The Chicago Blackhawks Between the Stadium Series, Winter Classics, and their primaries, the Hawks have experimented with about every red, black, and white design they can try. The Chicago Flag offers another color for appropriate use. Here the Hawks adopt a city inspired alternate which a black base (they are the BLACKhawks) after all.
  5. The Vegas Golden Knights The Golden Knights will reportedly be adopting a bright gold alternate in the 2020-21 Season. Here, expectation becomes reality with a minimalist primary logo and arm-striping forming a subtle V as a callback to the city the Knights call home.
  6. The Los Angeles Kings Its frankly criminal that they beautiful Kings purple is suddenly found nowhere in their scheme. By adopting a purple alternate, the Kings inject some colour into their look and pay tribute to their past through the inclusion of a previously-unused primary logo.
  7. Kicking off a new series now that Summer has started! I was originally going to build off my NHL Refresh 2.0 series that I finished up a few weeks back, but instead decided to make my life a bit more difficult by coming up with designs that would work as alternates with each team's current set. In this series, I hope to bring focus to teams' secondary logos and colors by creating fresh designs that still fit within each current brand. This may include the addition of new colours, or even logos, into each teams scheme for the purpose of these alternates. Anyway, let's get started... Don't have a particular order in mind. Planning to go wherever inspiration hits and perhaps listen to some suggestions of who you'd like to see first. The Philadelphia Flyers The Flyers current black alternate just isn't enough. Rather than correct the smaller details of their 2017 Stadium Series look, they've adopted it as a full-time third warts and all. Here, the black alt gets a little more care, with a full-length yoke and striping inspired by the wings of the primary logo.
  8. And just like that, we're onto our 31th team... The Nashville Predators Nashville has decided that bold in gold is the identity they want to go for and, while I didn't agree with it at the time, I think it has served them well. Separating white and gold, however, is not something they've done well. The guitar pick shoulder patch has been simplified to just the Tennessee flag icon with the road yoke mimicking the flag while swapping red for gold. 31 teams in the books, let me know what you think! I'll be going back through the league to edit each look and mock it up on a 3D template with the potential addition of alternates for each team.
  9. The Winnipeg Jets I've done a lot of Jet's concepts centered around adding red, but none with a focus on silver. So that's where the series takes us today. The sleeves on the home are inspired by the design of a Canadian Air Force fighter jet with the road adjusted for color balance. Used a new font for the jets to better match the military inspiration than their typical round italics.
  10. The Minnesota Wild Original logos all around here. Started by making an M out of the North Stars' N and one thing led to another. Primary is a simple W built out of the North Stars' N with a tree detail in the negative space. Figured it was a fun Idea to hint at the team name just as the North Stars did. Ended up with a faux-vintage look fitting of the upcoming Winter Classic and a cream road sweater because... after all, this series is about pushing the boundaries. Let me know what you think!
  11. The Colorado Avalanche Like with Buffalo, I've re-purposed an old color rush concept into a full set here. Seeing as the Avalanche are literally named after snow, its only fair to have them lean into white. Rather than reliance on the mountain striping, I've adopted their alternate Rockies logo to full time status and used its snow-capped speak to set the tone for the color balance on each jersey. Whaddya think?
  12. Thanks for the feedback! I think what I’ve decided to do once I’m through all 31 teams (which is not too far off) is apply some of the feedback and put together a home/road/alt set on a more photorealistic template. When that happens, I think the Vegas black is going to become an alternate and I’ll explore a different idea on the primaries. Went ahead and swapped out the numbers on the home too since its a simple and pretty clear improvement.
  13. The Anaheim Ducks The Ducks have an identity crisis on their hands. They've kept their Reebok rebrand while slowly teasing a transition back to their original identity with their alternate. Rather than have the two compete, I figured I would marry the two. Took the orange and black from the current look and melded it with the jade and logo of the original identity. Wasn't really sure where I was headed with this beyond that, but I'm really happy with the final results. Let me know what you think.
  14. Thank looks wonderful! I’d buy that black alt in a second
  15. These are fantastic! Love all of these for the Giants! Home/Away: Both look great! That San Francisco script is simply incredibly and now I'm ashamed they don't currently use it. Alternates: I don't think you need new caps for the alternates. I think the normal home and away caps would be just as effective. Have you tried swapping the grey on the road black jersey for cream? I think that'd look really slick and might fix the misgivings you currently have with the look. Spring Training: Don't most teams just have one uniform for spring training? If so, I think your orange uni with the black Spring Training cap is a winner.Keeps a color pop while putting a new hat logo out there for fans
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