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  1. I think both would be redundant. The implicit S and F would make up South Florida, with the Flamingo itself standing for Flamingos
  2. I'm from Dallas and grew watching games at the AAC, so I know we're you're coming from. Glad you like it! Was a lot of fun to work through. It's a crime they don't use Texas shoulder patches anymore
  3. Thanks! 'd love to take credit for the Star-A but that's another hold over from the Winter Classic design as well
  4. The Buffalo Sabres The home in this set is unchanged from my Color Rush series from last year except for some collar changes. It's one I've really wanted to make a full set out of, so we finally get the change here. Road moves around some stripes and keeps the shoulder horns inspired by the goat head jerseys and TV number Sabres inspired by the captains patches of the ill-fated turdburger. I still thing I prefer the home to the road, but I think both work well enough to serve as a set. What about you guys? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  5. The Dallas Stars Drew a lot of inspiration from the Winter Classic look to create a fauxback look for Dallas. Broke up the primary logo into a diagonal wordmark, extended the thin yoke into a full-length lenght yoke and moved the Texas arm patch to the shoulders. Pants and gloves are now the same canvas color of the original WC gloves instead of being differing canvas and leather shades. Definitely stepped out of the box on this one. Let me know what you think!
  6. Thanks! That was exactly my intent with that one
  7. The Montreal Canadiens Montreal's Winter Classic jersey exposed a color pallet too good to ignore.The lighter blue really pops against the red and creates a fresh look distinct from all the other red, white, and blue teams the league. Chest stripe moves to the road as well to break up one of the more plain jerseys in the league.
  8. The Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto is one of the few Original 6 teams that hasn't been afraid of tweaking their look to stay with the times. Their 1970-90s look is one of there lesser known looks, so I thought it would be fun to bring that into the modern era. The primary logo gets deconstructed with a plain maple leaf on the chest with the "Toronto" test pulled out and placed above. Shoulder patches mirror the plain maple leaf on the chest but in a contrasting color. Not the most groundbreaking look, but I quite enjoy how clean it looks when its all said and done.
  9. Fight well enough and they might just add you to the team. Happy to year you like it!
  10. Glad to hear it! I can certainly get around to mocking that up
  11. The Columbus Blue Jackets I've always been in favor of flag-based striping for the Blue Jackets, but it seems redundant with a flag-based logo. To fix that, the shoulder and chest logos are swapped with the alternate cannon logo taking center stage. Much like the Devils concept, using the same striping to create two unique looks here with the extended yoke on the road and cuff striping on the home. This may be my favorite of the series thus far. Let me know what you think!
  12. The New Jersey Devils Each time I see the Devils logo, I'm more and more convinced that it doesn't need the roundel behind it to function as an effective primary. We give it some breathing room here and adopt the retro green and red color scheme, differentiating them from the now Devils-esque Hurricanes. Same Pattern on the home and the road works to create two dinstinct looks. Keep the C&C coming. I know I haven't been very responsive thus far, but given how much the world is slowing down, I'm going to go back once this is all done and update each look based on your feedback to finalize each look. Thanks y'all. Stay healthy!
  13. The Carolina Hurricanes Decided to give the 'Canes a fresh look embracing the bad boy side of the "Bunch of Jerks" moniker. The alternate logo takes center stage on the chest and the home jersey adopts a blackout approach. Shoulder logo is an original design fashioning a CH monogram out of a warning flag.
  14. The Pittsburgh Penguins It's honestly surprising a pseudo-futuristic logo like the Robopen never saw much life in Vegas gold other than the shoulders of the pre-Edge look. We give it a second life here with a Vegas gold look drawing some inspiration from the Penguins 2014 Stadium Series look.
  15. The New York Islanders Blending some old with the new color pallet here. The Fisherman head returns on the shoulders with the wordmark from that logo finding a home on the chest.