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  1. I would replace the 5-pointed stars on the White Sox with 6-pointed stars, as are seen in the Chicago Flag
  2. The Edmonton Oilers The Oilers Color Rush look takes the old steel drop in a different direction based of one of the prototype designs of the Adidas switch over. Rounded striping on the hem and cuffs mimics the outline of the oil drop seen in the logo and shoulder numbers. This oil drop number look is also carried onto the helmets and pants. The ode to the steel drop wouldn’t be complete without a return of the steel drop font, so that makes a return as well. After seeing how nice the name McDavid looked in it, it seemed criminal not to include. Let’s hear some more C&C, folks!
  3. They've already been done. Check out the top of page 2 for both of those!
  4. The Calgary Flames The Flames build on the success of the 2011 Heritage Classic jersey by once again adopting the maroon and gold scheme for their Color Rush set, though this time with an absence of white. The numbers follow the lead of the logo with a maroon base and a single gold outline and the striping follows suit as well. Gone are the shoulder flags, replaced here with the triumphant return of the horse head secondary, which finds an additional home on the right leg of the pants.
  5. That was something I looked at when I was putting it together, but it threw off the Color balance at bit more than would be desired. I’ll go back through my files and see if I saved a copy
  6. Onward to Winnipeg! PHOENIX! ARIZONA! The Arizona Coyotes Arizona follows Anaheim's lead by adapting another iconic alternate to fit today's design trends. The cactus green and stone orange return as does the angled hem striping of the old "Peyote Coyote". Black is replaced in the look by a darker green and the Arizona sunburst can be found sublimated on both the jersey and pants. The old 'Yotes wordmark returns to the helmet and the crescent moon shoulder patch finds a second life on the left shoulder only (there is only one moon after all). What do you guys think? This was one of my favourites to design so far!
  7. My apologies for the unintended week and a half break. For awhile there, it looked like my laptop had breathed it's last, but we got her up and kicking again. So, in the spirit of recent events with my laptop, we're bringing the series back to life! The Anaheim Ducks Eggplant is the name of the game for Anaheim as they return to their original colors for Color Rush. The striping pattern draws from the infamous Wild Wing, paired with a matching hem stripe to keep things from going too crazy again. Modern Primary is recolored to match the old scheme and jade and eggplant are separated by white across the uniform set, from logos to striping to #OB to collar, consistency abounds. Not much more to say than that. An adaptation of an old favorite that leaves room for the old colors to truly shine.
  8. I’d say it’s a step back. The black hem and extended cuffs make it too Hurricane-esque to be successful. Better in a vacuum, perhaps, but the original would let them hold their own in the NHL landscape
  9. Thanks for the feedback, guys. When I get some time, I'll go back and take a look at those. We round out the central with... The Winnipeg Jets This one should've been fairly obvious. Who better to do a white-out than Winnipeg? The Jets' beautiful new wordmark finds a home on the chest and the numbers find one on the shoulders. The jersey adopts a simple design to really let the white take hold, but shows some inspiration from the Jets inaugural look from the 1980s. The Jets use their current name and number font, but with the numbers in white and outlined in blue, matching the wordmark while again driving home the white-out theme. Winnipeg also adopts white gloves while using blue pants to help bring some balance to the set. Keep that C&C Coming, folks!
  10. From Music City to a team with a music moniker... The St. Louis Blues The angled jerseys of the Gretzky era are back, but with a twist. Rather than adding red, the Blues subtract royal and white for a clean, two-color Color Rush look. The hem follows a similar angled pattern to the first iteration white the arms feature the five stripes seen in sheet music halfway up the sleeves and a thick cuff at their ends. The fabled St. Louis horn logo returns in a new two-color variant and the chest logo and #OB are angles to match the striping on the hem. Equipment keeps it simple and keeps it navy to contrast the bold gold sweater. Let's here some feedback, ladies and gents! Only one more team left in the Central.
  11. The Nashville Predators Music City returns to Navy and brings back their pre-edge font. Striping is inspired by the Sabre-toothed logo with the pattern simplified on the hem and socks. A standalone white tooth finds a home in the pants design and the guitar pick shoulder patch is simplified to include just the 3-Star rounder of the Tenessee flag for use on the shoulders. Keep that C&C coming! Let me know what you think.
  12. Maybe it’s the native inspiration, maybe it’s the barber pole striping design, but I can’t help but see Chicago when I look at your Ottawa design and I’m not entirely sure what can be done to fix that
  13. Thanks for the feedback! I'll go back and take a look at what the Stars would look like with a darker grey. Definitely not something I thought of the first time around, just kinda pulled the silver from their logo and ran with it. Might be worth taking a look at as well, though I tend to shy away from dismembered heads as primary crests. Yeah, the Barzal number was an oversight on my part. It's updated in the full Metro mock-up, but I didn't feel it worthwhile to repost the concept just for that. Speaking of dismembered heads... The Minnesota Wild The Wild return to red with the Color Rush look and bring back one of the more unique fonts in the NHL's history. The jersey features a full length green yoke that includes a few elements from t eh primary logo, a sublimated tree appears on the cuff and the North Star finds a home about halfway up each sleeve. Gloves and helmet are green to build off the color of the yoke while socks and pants remain red to keep that Color Rush Identity.
  14. As we continue with the central, we head to my hometown team. The Dallas Stars Silver takes the forefront here as the Stars throwback to their most iconic jersey, albeit in a simplified form. The old star sweater returns in a three color setup where silver, green, and white are on full display. The chest features a two-color variant of the Texas-silhouette logo and the shoulders do the same with the stars roundel. The pants and helmets feature a two-color variant of the Stars' primary and the unique Stars font is used for the numbers throughout the jersey.
  15. The Colorado Avalanche Colorado’s sky/steel/whatever-you-want-to-call-it blue is promoted to the primary here with white capped shoulders matching the snow covered peak of the Av’s alternate logo found on the chest. A simple maroon pattern can be found in the striping and color as well as in the name which rests in an extended yoke. The pants are blue with a single white stripe in the C from the primary, becoming a vertical version of the Colorado flag. Socks match the hem and the helmets and gloves are white to add to the snow-capped look.