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  1. I'd love to see a sharks concept, loving this thread so far! Keep up the awesome work!
  2. I've been following your thread, pretty awesome stuff! I know you've got a list your working down but just wanted to toss this at you for consideration on the list because it's a pretty awesome logo that actually could use an update. The Colorado State Rams when the were called the Aggies have since done a pallet swap but the new logo they have is nothing compared to the original.
  3. No kidding? Small world, and I think I played you! I was on that team when we did the black socks and purple shells, that was the only year we did it! I agree it feels wrong to leave out the yellow, but its hard to put it anywhere, I've made a few jersey mockups but the logo is the part that just doesn't fit with any of it. Here's an example.
  4. Hey everybody, new to the community, saw some of the logos on here and thought they were pretty awesome and was looking for some help for my club I coach. We're looking to get some new jerseys and possibly re-brand our club, that is if I get any say in it. Unfortunately our logo is a little bulky and outdated and I was looking for some help or ideas at least in updating it, making it more simple and minimal. Our colors are the kings colors, purple, black, white, and barely if any silver. I've included a few pics of our current logo, our team name is: Capital Thunder, looking forward to the crazy ideas everybody has. Thanks! Original Logo: My mockup attempt:
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