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  1. I love these! Following for sure! If these are based on an updated version of the 60s era, though, wouldn’t the Oilers be in Houston, and Nashville get an expansion team? Just curious on that … keep up the great work!!
  2. Just came across this and I love just about all of these! For a Texans throwback, though, I've always thought of making a fauxback using the Texans number font and lettering, but in Columbia Blue, with white Oiler-esque helmets and a Columbia Blue block H instead of the derrick ... I'd like to see how that looks (could look good or bad). Keep up the great work!!
  3. As a proud Red Raider with an Aggie for a dad (yes, I forgive him), I must say A&M looks much better without the beveling on the logo.
  4. Friend, you seem like a nice fellow, but as a Texas Tech student and a Red Raider through and through, I don’t ever want to hear about Virginia basketball again! Wreck ‘em Tech!
  5. I hate to say it, but this seems really uninspired. The double T has 3 colors, but each uniform only uses 2 colors. Additionally, Tech uses its own unique font, so maybe using that would work better. Hopefully this doesn't come across as too harsh, as I really am enjoying most of your work on these!!
  6. I mean, I use the word britches to describe the piece of clothing which covers my lower body ... I personally am glad that more people are saying it
  7. Since this is so similar to what the Texans already wear, how bout making it Columbia Blue to celebrate the history of pro football in Houston? (Yes, I know somebody always mentions it, sorry)
  8. Hey NFL, if you’re listening, PLEASE let them wear their throwbacks again in the Super Bowl if/when this happens!
  9. I am loving these! One nitpick: could you possibly match the D on Denver with the D in the main logo? Other than that, I am absolutely loving these. A follow for sure! Keep up the great work!!
  10. I really love that Rockies set!! The Angels one looks sharp as well ... the gold halo is great, as is the navy A on a red background! Keep it up!
  11. Sorry I'm just now joining the discussion so late, but I just want you to know these are really great! A couple things though: - Could you please do a Columbia Blue mockup for the Texans in this new style with the flag striping? Those would fly off the racks faster than an antelope being chased by a coyote. - I would love to see a modern Rams mockup like what you have, but with the traditional horns that, to the best of my knowledge, hadn't been changed (until this year!!) since 1950! Other than those, I'm loving seeing everything you have here! Keep up the great work!!
  12. “Look out football, here we come! Houston Oilers, Number One!”
  13. I love all of these! My only question is this: if Denver started playing in ‘59, don’t you think “Buffaloes” would’ve gone over better? I don’t think there were any teams that didn’t end with an “S”, especially back then. Other than that, these concepts are great, and it’s a definite follow!!
  14. Why not just wear the 70s throwbacks with the old Double Ŧ. It’s easier to draw than the new one and we can still keep the new athletic font.
  15. I wish Houston “pulled a Cleveland” and kept the name and history. I’m a Texan fan, but Oilers is such a great name and identity. Heck, I wore my Houston Oiler shirt earlier today!
  16. ABC Sports! MNF on ABC! The Wide World of Sports! No MLB interleague! Small ball—bunts, pinch hitters/runners, etc. Montreal Expos! Astroturf! Stros in the N.L.! The Astrodome! MLB on Network Television! Affordable Tickets to sporting events! Expansion in general in professional sports!
  17. I agree, that might be pretty good! I seen a recent MLB article about what might have been, and I immediately thought of this series. Then I forgot
  18. So glad to see this series back, but right now I just want to applaud you for admitting your mistake. Sadly, people like you are few and far between these days, but it is very encouraging that you aren’t too proud to admit when you’re wrong. God bless you sir.
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