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  1. I'm sorry, I didn't realize anyone could take a lottery team to The Finals.
  2. What? It’s no debate that only Lebron could take a lottery team to The Finals (he’s done it 2x now). You make it sound like anyone could do that.
  3. Not to take anything away from that ludicrous save by Holtby, but I think Anderson's save was a lot more ridiculous.
  4. Yeah, I mean he struggled so much against the best NBA players in The world, how can someone even say he hasn't been challenged when it's been 5 years since he last need a Game 7 in his own conference? I apologize for being so ignorant. Let's start over & pretend it never happened K?
  5. Don’t worry, I learned my lesson about daring to criticize the unfathomably dominant Lebron, who clearly struggled tooth & nail throughout his career through so much adversity.
  6. I was in the “who the hell cares” crowd with all this kneeling stuff. But now, if I was an NFL player I would kneel just to spite all these morons.
  7. Mariners looking sneaky good. Though they haven't had their annual summer collapse yet.
  8. What's frustratingly dumb is people acting like a guy making 8 straight against conference where he's been the favorite every year is some major accomplishment. If Lebron went 82-0 having only to play Atlanta, Kings, & Magic you would all laude that as some grandiose accomplishment. It's the kind of asinine thing only a fanboy would do. Beating up on players vastly inferior to you is not impressive, no matter how many times you do it. This whole time not one of you have been able to come up with an serious argument that he would've be just as dominant out in The West as he has been in The East. Instead just saying how it "laughably stupid" or making up excuses like "The West would be different" and pretending that makes you right. If you want me to stop, then quit acting likes fanboys that believe him dominating a conference that hasn't been a challenge to him in years (so much so he had to handicap himself with a trash team) is some colossal achievement. When all stacked teams that could beat you are in the other conference, it's not. IDK how blind you have to be to not see that having a 3-6 record along with the fact he hasn't been the favorite in something like 7/9 Finals, is a red flag that maybe he has been helped by the fact The East hasn't been quite as good as The West. Most of you already acknowledged that those Spurs, Warriors, and OKC teams were really good, so why is it so hard to understand that he may not have been as dominant if he had to face those teams before the Finals? It's such a simple observation you all made so much bigger than it hand any business being because you can't handle a bit of criticism against him.
  9. Keep hiding behind that “bitter Celtics fan” excuse, it really shows the lack of any actual argument you have. What i’m saying should even be that big a deal unless you are massive Lebron fanboys. The East hasn’t been a challenge for him in years. If he played in The West he doesn’t see the same success. The fact he breezes through The East every year, yet struggles in The Finals, and refuses to go out West lends credence to it. But sure keep believing the one using actual facts & logic is wrong. Totally not fanboys, you’re just blindly accepting his accomplishments without any actual context.
  10. Sure, but context is important. Yeah, surely it has nothing to do with the fact Lebron just made his eighth straight final with such a trash team. I do recognize Lebron is one the greats. But you can’t just blindly laude his accomplishments. I’m sorry but When you’re Lebron, making The Finals 8 straight years in a conference that hasn’t offered you a significant challenge since 2012, to the point where you’re willingly handicapping yourself with such a bad team, that’s really not as major an accomplishment as you would think.
  11. Because blindly lauding achievements without actually looking at the details and what they had to go through to accomplish it is ridiculous the the kind of thing only ignorant fanboys do. You look at something like "8 straight Finals" Normally that would be really impressive, but when you realize it's Lebron that did it against an East he's had by the balls since 2011, and look at the teams he beat to accomplish that, it's really not that surprising or amazing. Dominating against weak competition that aren't even close to your level isn't that impressive. Dominating against strong teams that still offer you a real challenge is amazing. Why should I be impressed by him dominating a conference that been his to dominate for the past near decade?
  12. We already know how amazing Lebron, that's nothing new. But you need to acknowledge the circumstances behind those accolades too. You can't just look at "8 straight" as some major accomplishment for him without looking at the other side of it and seeing The "competition" he had to get there. Why can't it be, "Yeah Lebron is one of the all time greats, but his dominance is a bit inflated because he played in the weaker conference while The Stronger teams were out West" why is a simple fact like that so blasphemous? Because people can't handle criticism of Lebron.
  13. The Patriots dominance in their division is part of my point actually. Lauding Lebron for his "8 straight finals" is like lauding The Patriots for their 16 division titles since 2018. It's not worth bragging about when you realize the lack of competition they faced to reach that. No one outside of Lebron fanboys are going to care so much about that 1 title. So you'd rather ignore all the facts and circumstances regarding his accomplishments and just blindly, unquestionably accept them? That's not smart, or healthy. And now imagine him have to face those teams in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round of The playoffs every year? Does he still dominate and make The Finals every year like in The East?
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