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  1. I know I might be asking a lot but can you please make this logo I made look nicer (just like shade it and stuff u know) its from the RBL Riot Ball League thread. u don't have to do it now. IMAGE LINK
  2. GREAT! if there is a way to get that made in real life I would do it
  3. Can you please make a version of this image purple and yellow. make the green purple and keep the yellow the same color IMAGE LINK
  4. just sayin (eggplant is favorite emoji)
  5. google Rhode Island school of design mascot SCROTIE!
  6. in 5 years I might be able to post on unpopular opinions "I think Kraken is an awesome name"
  7. WWE recruits a lot football players so if they don't make it in wrestling they can go to the XFL
  8. KG era wolves, Especially now with the resurgence.
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