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  1. The L.A. Clippers have traded Austin Rivers to the Washington Wizards for Marcin Gortat. (Photos are from Wizards' and Clippers' Instagram pages)
  2. Here now are the Brooklyn Nets. The court that the Nets currently play on is one of my personal favorites. Everything from the way that the Brooklyn Black shows up with the dark herringbone floor to the awesome stone baseline design with "Brooklyn Nets" made to resemble the words used in the New York subways. For that reason, I changed very little, just the center logo for something that might pop a little more when compared to the darker floor. Next court up will be the Los Angeles Clippers.
  3. Coming now is my concept for the Detroit Pistons' court. The Pistons recently released a new logo, one that ties back to their days as "The Detroit Bad Boys". So, I thought that the court should also resemble what they played on during their championship days in the late 80's and early 90's. My concept is an updated recreation of their court from those days. The Pistons' new primary logo is placed at the center of the court and the arena name is updated to their new venue starting in the 2017-18 season, Little Caesars Arena. The next court will be the Brooklyn Nets.
  4. Here now are the Golden State Warriors. My concept has the Warriors receiving a slight update. Yellow still dominates the court, as it should. However, blue disappears from many of the lines on the court as is reserved only for the three point arc. In blue's place is white now. Also changed is the color of the baseline text which becomes white, though it still reads the same. Up next will be the Detroit Pistons.
  5. As promised, here are the Cleveland Cavaliers. With the Cavs' new logos just being released. I implemented their new wordmarks onto the baselines of my court concept. I went with a simplistic approach to the club as their current court is pretty busy with the sublimated Cleveland city line and the gigantic logo at center court. I went with Wine as my dominant color for this concept and I made sure to keep Black out. Also gone is the humongous Cleveland "C" at center court. Next up will be the Golden State Warriors. C&C is greatly appreciated! Please make your opinions heard.
  6. For my first ever post, I will be posting my redesigns for the current courts in the NBA. I do my work on MS Paint so please forgive me if some of my work comes out a little choppy. I do however strive to be as neat as possible with my work. Well, let's get started. First up are the Boston Celtics, a team with a timeless look is hard to redesign but I fixed a few things that I felt were amiss in their current look. The sidelines now read "Boston Celtics", (as they should), and retained is the classic parquet and the signature of legendary Celtics coach, Red Auerbach. The changes are minor but any change is significant when dealing with a team such as the Boston Celtics. Next up will be the Cleveland Cavaliers. C&C Greatly appreciated!