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  1. do we know yet who will be replaceing the mets in LV? If the Nats have to go there after their rival bought their Affiliate out from under them?
  2. I think that the use of dark colors may raise the temprature on the buses as it absorbs heat.
  3. Which AAA-IL franchises are not OWNED, completely or partialy by a ML club?
  4. Which AAA franchieses in the IL are possibly available?
  5. The Mets unfortunately now have their AAA team in Vegas, which causes difficulties, for calling up players (trans continental flights...), for acurate valuation of players (offense centric Pacific leuge) What would be their options for getting a more conveniently located affiliate? Can they just open an expantion team in the International leuage? What east coast/mid west citys are there that can suport a AAA team dont already have one?